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Ask Our Expert

Ask our Expert BETH CARSON, Author, Speaker and VR Expert, VRFusion Vacation Rental Travels receives questions about vacation rental travel from our readers each week. VR expert and our editor Beth Carson provides the answers help you get the most from your Vacation Rental Travels. Reader: Why do some owners seem so picky when I want to […]


Sindelar Wellness Travel Experience

The airlines lost your bags, your rental car isn’t waiting for you, your plane had mechanical problems and you missed your connecting flight. This isn’t how you envisioned your trip…and now you need to destress and get into vacation mode. So what types of de-stressing techniques can you do to lower that blood pressure and put your mind […]

5-22-2015 12-43-43 AM

8 Great Stops on Route 66

Nat King Cole had the right idea when he sang, “Get your kicks on Route 66.” This historic highway stretches over 2,000 miles and offers plenty of opportunities to see many of the smaller towns that make this country great. Of course, you’ll need places to stop and rest on this epic road trip-so we […]

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