The Island of… Whatever You Want It to Be

Story by Susan Pichini I was rather sleepy as I hit the road that Sunday morning for the hour plus drive to beautiful Dana Point Harbor. Waiting for me and dozens of others getting away was the sleek cigarette Cat Express that would take us out to sea. It was chilly that mid-March morning, so […]

Two Oases of the Desert in Tucson, Arizona

Article and Photos by Noreen Kompanik Exotic. That’s the one word we use to describe Tucson, Arizona. There are many others, but, each time we go back and visit, this is the one that rings truest in our minds. The second-largest city in Arizona, Tucson is almost as old as the U.S. itself. Founded by the […]

Vacation Rental Cooking: Enjoying Local Foods at Their Best

Article and Photos by Kurt Jacobson We arrived at the Prince Edward Island (PEI) Charlottetown Airport late at night in early June. As we entered the baggage claim area, the first thing that we saw was the life-sized, plastic cow advertising Cows Creamery, Canada’s best ice cream. Thoughts of food are implanted early in the […]