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Camilles's Travelling Circus

My Traveling Circus

Bluebird There once was a small glass bluebird hanging above the deck at my grandparents’ “cabin” near the Snake River. Of all of the details I remember about this little Eisenhower-era two-bedroom trailer, this bluebird was always one of my favorites. As a child, I was lifted up on my father’s shoulders to touch the […]


Top 20 Baby Boomer Travel Bloggers to Follow in 2015

Whether you’re a school-aged child, a teenager, a young adult, or an adult that remembers walking to school uphill both ways in the snow – life can be a real trip. Every life stage has its own set of advantages and sure, some disadvantages as well, but these distinct phases can be a joy to […]

Palm Springs1

Palm Springs: Desert Oasis

The Saguaro, Indian Canyons, Knott’s Soak City Water Park, Desert Adventures, Walk of Stars and Escena Golf Club are just a few fun things to see and do when visiting Palm Springs, CA. Soar to new heights to get a unique perspective of Palm Springs, CA. There are several tour companies that offer hot-air balloon […]