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Ask Our Expert

Vacation Rental Travels receives travel and VR management questions each week. VR expert and out editor Beth Carson provides the answers to help you get the most from your Vacation Rental Travels. Reader: What should I do when I discover the vacation rental accommodations are not what I expected?   Beth: Watch the video below […]


Kids, Parents and Aunts Agree: Let’s Vacation Together!

I had been living in Manhattan for 20 years before I boarded the Staten Island Ferry for the first time. I’d traveled to Europe and the Middle East, but it took two decades, and a special mini-vacation day with my nephew, to charter this short trip to my neighboring borough. On the first leg of […]


Wellness Travel Experiences: Destination Volunteering Double Benefits

Do you sometimes feel depressed, anxious, stressed or even have some chronic pain, and you want to escape the daily rat race and experience new things? What if I told you that you could mix travel with volunteering to build your self-esteem, reduce stress and combat depression? Studies have shown that it can lessen chronic […]