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Fort Walton Beach Vacation Guide

Fort Walton Beach Vacation Guide

Vacation Guide In the northwestern tip of the famous Florida panhandle lies Fort Walton Beach, a city that prides itself on eclectic culture, year-round fishing and of course, an emphasis on leisure activity. While Fort Walton Beach’s city motto may be “A City on the Move!”not all your holiday recreational pursuits have to be mobile. […]

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Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia: Where Warmth comes Naturally

From the moment he saw Fairmont Hot Springs in late 1800s, adventurer Sam Brewer was in love. After partnering with original settler George Geary, Sam and his wife Helen settled in and bought Geary’s horse ranch and roadhouse in 1888. The venture was successful and began a long history of attracting visitors to this spectacular […]

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A Perfect Weekend in San Luis Obispo,California

With a legendary Farmers’ Market, bustling downtown, and ideal weather and location, this charming college town proves it truly is America’s happiest city. Nestled between Los Angeles and San Francisco, is San Luis Obispo, America’s happiest city on California’s central coast. SLO is surrounded by volcanic peaks, more than 6500 acres of open space, and […]

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