For the Love of Travel: How to Successfully Vacation with Family & Friends

by Noreen Kompanik “We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.” This quote by an unknown author describes the perfect vacation. And can that really happen when we travel with extended family and friends? It certainly can, if we are willing to follow a few helpful guidelines. On our […]

Owners’ Corner: The Journey to Finding My Happy Place

By Joda Coolidge Hi, Vacation Rental Owners, for this issue, our friend Joda Coolidge shares with us about finding her Happy Place. Enjoy! ~ Beth As the Director of Life Coaching for a group of Integrative Health and Vitality Centers, I tell hundreds of clients a year to go live life happy! Isn’t it always so easy to […]

Wellness Travel Experiences: 5 Ways Master Your Zen – Escape the Pressures and Demands of Everyday Life

by Dede Sindelar Just the other day, I felt like the world was coming to an end. I couldn’t find my car keys, and I was going to be late for an appointment that I was squeezed into. My heart was racing, my jaw clenched, heck I even got those sweaty palms, a slight headache, […]