Ask Our Expert Beth

Vacation Rental Travels receives travel and VR management questions each week. VR expert and our editor Beth Carson provides the answers to help you get the most from your Vacation Rental Travels. Reader: How do I save money on my vacation? Beth: Last year, I took my daughter and a friend to Panama City Beach, Florida. […]

Asia’s Top 10 Backpacking Destinations

10. Climb or recline on West Railay Beach, Thailand Located on the tropical shores of the Railay peninsula, this stunning setting is among Thailand’s most picturesque white sand beaches, lapped by emerald tides and enclosed by towering limestone cliffs. These cliffs cut the peninsula off from the mainland, so it can only be reached by […]

Wellness Travel Experiences: Culinary Tourism The coming trend

When you travel, do unique food and drink experiences lure you to your destination? Today you’ll learn new ways to tantalize your taste buds by shopping and eating in a new locale. Enhance your well-being when you travel with Culinary Tourism trends and sample indigenous foods at farmer’s markets, eating tours, and cooking classes led […]