Experience Grand Cayman Like a VIP

Text by Dede Fulk Arriving to the Island Imagine heading off to an island escape without having a plan. Now imagine doing it and knowing exactly some of the activities that will make you feel like a VIP. To begin we landed on the tarmac with the Cayman Islands Aviation Authority (CIAA) ready for an […]

Escaping to My Honeymoon in Grand Cayman

Text by Dede Fulk When we heard about the quaking earth, fissures roaring like jet engines, towering lava fountains erupting with magma spewing into the air and Olivine gemstones raining down on the Big Island of Hawaii, it sounded like a National Geographic show. Not the way to start a honeymoon. So we hanged our […]

From Sarajevo, With Love

Bosnia was never on my destination radar. I knew next to nothing about the country, except Sarajevo hosted the Winter Olympics in 1984 and the country saw war in the 1990’s. What brought me, well, in a nutshell I woke one morning saying “Sarajevo.” Not many people would visit a country for that reason, but […]