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Editor The From the Desk of Beth Carson An Insider’s Peek at Heroes Even after a decade, the vacation rental industry continues to delight me. One of my favorite parts is how friendly people are. Industry experts like Matt Landau, Steve Sassman, Antonio Bor- tolotti, Tyann Marcink, and Heather Bayer, as well as countless Email me: others are so kind and helpful. It’s a happy industry with room for everyone. lawmakers don’t know that vacation rentals amount to 7% of the travel industry as a whole, nearly as large as the cruise industry. As a guest at the recent VRMA (Vacation Rental Manager Asso- But, with the scattered voices of owners, we need to stand togeth- ciation) and CFVRMA (Central Florida Vacation Rental Manager er to be noticed and heard. Association) conferences, I’ve sat in the audience and soaked up information about growing trends in the vacation rental industry. At the CFVRMA last month, one of the most popular seminars There were also discussions about the things we’d rather not think featured Attorney and Lobbyist Lori Killinger, who was instrumen- about- threats. tal in defeating the bill that would make vacation rentals in Florida nearly impossible to offer to travelers. Some counties and cities have placed deep restrictions on vaca- tion rentals or banned them. Some of the voices who would like to So, to the owners, renters, property managers, and everyone do away with VR’s come from homeowners who would rather not working behind the scenes- we’re glad you’re here. And we hope have vacationers in their neighborhood. This is why some VR own- you’re here for many years to come. ers and managers spend time with each guest making sure they are going to be a good ft for a family friendly neighborhood. And, most importantly, I want to thank you, our readers and vaca- tion rental guests. You mean the world to us. Other threats come from the hotel industry. As vacation rentals gain in popularity, now a whopping 20% of the accommodation We’d love to hear from you. Please email questions, comments, market in the US, hotels are evaluating themselves and realizing and kind critiques to it’s easier to shut us down than compete. But, with competition comes the best experience for the guest. Happy Travels, I’m thrilled to have people like Matt Curtis, of the Short Term Rental Advocacy Center, working for the rights of owners. The teams at HomeAway and VRMA who stay on top of new threats Beth Carson on the horizons and support education in the industry. Most Publisher and Editor Vacation Rental Travels 6 - Vacation Rental Travels | Fall 2014
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