Page 7 - Vacation Rental Travels Fall 2014 Issue
P. 7
Where in the World? Each issue will challenge you to guess where in the world the photos were taken. Sometimes it will be easy and other times not so easy. In every case, though, we bet that you will learn something about the place being featured. Remember NO PEEKING until you make your guess. Oh, you want a clue? Sure, here are a few. This city built America’s first subway. It has the old- est public park in the country. How about the fact that the largest art theft in history took place here when two thieves posed as policemen and ran away with 12 paintings worth $500 million. Not enough hints yet? Still stumped? A delectable and creamy dessert was first made in this city and is now the official dessert of the state. And last but not least - F.A.O. Schwartz toy store displayed the world’s largest teddy bear at the entrance of one of this city’s main streets. Vacation Rental Travels | Fall 2014 - 7
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