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OVER THE EDGE                                                                                     MY SKYDIVING ADVENTURE

Steamboat Springs luxury and grandeur                                                             There’s a first time for everything...

HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR                      MY TRAVELING CIRCUS                                        36 52

Reach back to Palm Springs’ heyday     Stories of Family Travel                                   WELLNESS TRAVEL EXPERIENCES

                                                                                                  Be Well When You Travel

            26                                                                                      57 62

 6	 FROM THE EDITOR                                                                              42	 BRIGHT LIGHTS, SMALL CITY
                    Beth Carson shares from the heart.                                                           A magical holiday extravaganza found half way between Chicago and St. Louis,
                                                                                                                 it’s one of the most magical holiday secrets in the U.S. Check this out.
                    Find out more about our writers from this issue.                              44	  HOUSE OF DREAMS
                                                                                                                 Designer touches in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, divine luxury, a soaking
 9	 WHERE IN THE WORLD?                                                                                        tub and mountain views. Who could ask for more?
                    Have you been to this world class city? Take a guess before you turn the
                    page.                                                                         48	 FOOD & FUN
                                                                                                                There’s always some time for food & fun. This time we are in Puerto Vallarta
 13  YOUR SECLUDED OASIS                                                                                        Mexico for food, drinks, and a festival.
                 The oasis of Rocky Point is no mirage... the sand meets crystal blue waters and
                   the beach seems to go on for miles. This is Arizona’s beach.                   52	 FOR THE LOVE OF TRAVEL
                                                                                                               My Skydiving Adventure. Come soar 10,000 feet above the Allegheny
 21	 THE SUN VALLEY SECRET - IT’S AFFORABLE                                                                    Mountains in Bath Country, VA on this meaningful adventure that explains
               Vacation where the jet set hangs out, with activities to suit all budgets.                      why this lady jumped out a perfectly good airplane.

 26	 HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR IN PALM SPRINGS                                                            55	ASK BETH
                    Palm Springs is an unexpected haven of Hollywood glamour and small                        Ever have vacation travel questions? Now you can get the answers from an
                     town charm. Experience the city then check out Joshua                                    expert you know and trust Discover insider tips & tricks from our own travel
                    Tree National Park, and some good eats along the way.                                      expert Beth Carson. 	

 34	 THE MARKETPLACE                                                                              57	 MY TRAVELING CIRCUS
                  Vacation rental specials and places to visit just for our readers.                       	 A family trip, childhood memories, and a new perspective on creating new
                                                                                                               memories with our families.
                   10,000 square feet of pure luxury and style.                                   58	 SAN FRANCISCO’S NORTH BEACH
                                                                                                               A stay in the City by the Bay that provides 360 degree views inspires a
 41	 AND THE WINNER IS...                                                                                     tour of the places locals go with their out-of-town friends.
                  One of our readers has won a week stay in Fiji at the
                  wonderful beachfront Starfish Blue property. Find out if it’s you!              62	WELLNESS TRAVEL EXPERIENCES
                                                                                                               Wtih more and more of us choosing health and wellness at home, these
4 - Vacation Rental Travels | Winter 2014/2015                                                                 timely travel tips will help you continue these good choices on your vacation.

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