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Vacation Rental Travels - Winter 2014-2015 Issue

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Correction: On page 49, in the Celebrate Mexican Culture at Our Lady of Peace Festival article, the Church “one block away” from the blessing by the Father is misidentified as the Santa Cruz Church. The Church is actually Our Lady of Peace Church (Iglesia de Nuestra Senora La Paz). We apologize for our error.


Sindelar Wellness Travel

We want to thank issue sponsor Sindelar Wellness Travel for their sponsoring this issue. I’ve worked with founder Dede Sindelar for a year now, and it’s been a joy. She’s hard working but always has a smile. I recommend her highly.

Sindelar Wellness Travel has a special gift for Vacation Rental owners as well: Download your free copy of the Secret Tactics: Increase Your Vacation Property Revenue up to 130% guide.

I hope you enjoy indulging in our latest edition of Vacation Rental Travels Magazine. It’s 63 pages of fun in the sun and snow. Get a glass of your favorite beverage and take some time to relax and escape.
For this issue, our writers have fanned out and brought us stories from a range of vacation rental experiences, including:
  • A mansion in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with an indoor basketball court, (the cover is a VR- can you imagine?) 
  • An affordable Sun Valley, Idaho vacation rental with a fishable stream in the backyard
  • A chic penthouse in a fun district in San Francisco
  • A luxury beachfront condo in Puerto Vallarta
  • A Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired Palm Springs retreat
  • A vacation rental within a resort setting in Rocky Point, Mexico, known as Arizona’s Beach.
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Speaking of free, please consider the services and products and holiday retreats in the magazine. They are what’s keeping this professional magazine coming to your inbox.
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Thank you.

Warmest Regards,

Beth Carson, Editor Vacation Rental Travels



Beth Carson
Grateful Traveler









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