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The Editor
   From the Desk of Beth Carson

The Power of Vacation                                                      Email me:

Busy. We do too much in too little time. It’s not healthy.  This time, even though I’ve been asked to consult, I’m
                                                            putting my foot down. I’m going to splash and play. I’m
Vacations are the perfect antidote for the stress           going to go to my favorite secret restaurant and sway on a
of modern life. With less free time than any other          swing at a bar facing the ocean. My friend Tyann Marcink,
generation, as well as being tethered to our phones,        vacation rental photography expert and friend, is joining
tablets and computers, there’s never been a more            me. As much as possible, we’re going to push the tyranny
important time to take control of your life by going on     of the urgent away and focus on enjoying all that the
vacation.                                                   region has offer.

I recently took a one-night trip to spend time with         This issue is full of mini-escapes.
a friend. Just that one night, getting into a new city,
trying new things, and a good half hour spent playing       Noreen Kompanik takes us on a journey to a secret
ping pong – made me forget about the pressures of           destination- try to guess without peeking! You’re going to
everyday life. I hadn’t played ping pong since high         want to go after reading her article, I promise.
school, but walking through Southside in Chattanooga,
a table next to an open window called out an invitation     Near the flash and glitz of Palm Springs, in the quiet
to play like a kid again with lots of laughter.             community of Indio, CA, photographer Tyann Marcink
                                                            and I find Villa Sereno affords a truly unique vacation
I felt years younger and worlds happier.                    experience.

This week, I am going to Tulum, Mexico. I spend a
month and a half in that beautiful area last year
working conferences and doing interior design. I saw
the beach twice, even though most of the time I was
within walking distance.

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