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Coronado Island:

       Crown Jewel of the San Diego Waterfront

                               Story & Photos by Noreen Kompanik

             ust crossing over the famous Coronado Bridge from the San Diego
             freeway you can feel the tension melt away. We always take the
         Jconvertible on the days we visit the island. We happen to love the
         adrenaline rush of the bridge’s dramatic curves, the fabulous 360-degree
         unobstructed views and ocean breezes blowing in our faces. And in the

         distance, the distinctive red-roofed turrets of the famous Hotel Del
         Coronado draw us like a moth to a flame.

         Coronado is technically not truly an island, in the pure sense of the word.
         It’s actually connected to the mainland by a thin strand of beach near
         California’s border with Mexico. For years, however, most visitors had to
         use a downtown ferry to access Coronado, until the Coronado Bridge was
         completed in 1969. But, don’t tell the locals that. It definitely has the flare

         and feel of an island.

         Every visitor to San Diego should spend a day in Coronado, a mere
         ten-minute drive from center city. And for those who don’t have a car, a
         15-minute ferry ride or water taxi is available from downtown. There’s
         something magical about this place. It’s charming small-town USA with a
         walkable main street and side streets filled with boutiques, eateries and
         nautical gift shops. The speed limit is 25 mph to ensure safety for bicyclists
         who also share the roads.

         San Diego has a distinguished naval history and Naval Air Station North
         Island has long been a key player. Located on the northern half of the
         Coronado peninsula on San Diego Bay, NAS North Island is the home port
         of several massive nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and multiple fighter
         and helicopter squadrons. The sight of these helicopters and jets flying
         overhead and navy ships transiting the bay impresses the tourists, but,
         for locals, it’s a common occurrence. The Naval Air Station was also the
         site of Charles Lindbergh’s departure on the transcontinental flight that
         preceded his famous solo flight across the Atlantic.

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