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           SKY VIEW ON JONES HILL                            CHARTERING A EUROPEAN BARGE                          OWNERS’ CORNER
           Boston’s bird’s eye view                          It’s unforgettable - and the crew does all the work!  Marketing & Tips for VR Owners

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                                                              Where in the World?                        WELLNESS TRAVEL EXPERIENCES
                                                              Can  you  guess  before  you  look?        Be well when you travel

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          4        WELCOME FROM THE EDITOR                                        47
                                                                                             EUPHORIA LIVING AND SCRUMPTIOUS SEAFOOD
                    Beth Carson shares from the heart about this issue, what’s
                                                                                           Crabbing along the coast of Brandon Oregon provides a seafood
                    happening  in her life, and current events in the travel industry.         feast; after partaking in coastal pleasures indulge in this 4,650 sq
                                                                                               foot luxury vacation rental oasis.
          6       WHO’S ON THE INSIDE?                                                       WHERE FUN HAS ITS OWN RHYTHM
                   Find out more about the wonderful people who brought you the
                    stories in this issue.  Come and get to know our writers a little    52
                                                                                           Laissez les bons temps rouler! Or for the rest of us, let the good
                    better.                                                                    times roll in New Orleans.
          8           WHERE IN THE WORLD?                                         55     When you don’t want to miss a beat, venture off Bourbon Street.
                                                                                              REASONS WHY THE BIG EASY MATTERS
                   Have you been to this world class city? Take a guess before you
                    turn the page.                                                             There’s so much to see and do in New Orleans

        14        HOW TO EXPLORE SAN DIEGO IN 7 DAYS                                         FOOD & FUN – NEW ORLEANS STYLE
                        The boardwalk along Mission Beach was already a busy path as I
                       briskly walked north to find some coffee. I had a week to explore   60     New Orleans is a food lover’s paradise. Find out why food is
                                San Diego, and I needed some caffeine.                         a religion in the Big Easy.

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                                                                                             WALLA WALLA WASHINGTON
                                                                                               Amidst one of the top 10 wine regions in the world, explore 5
                       Holly Cabin is the perfect big cabin in the big woods.  It
                      provides precisely the New England vacation you dream of:                great choices for a unique stay in beautifully preserved late
                                privacy, comfort, and ready access to pristine  countryside        1800’s & turn of the century accommodations.
                    SURPRISING NEW HAMPSHIRE                                                SKY VIEW ON JONES HILL
         24         With mountains and lakes, shopping and restaurants, New      68     When you want a bird’s eye view over Boston, make sure you
                       Hampshire is a vacationer’s dream getaway.                             choose the best nest.

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                                                                                           OWNERS’ CORNER
                     A NEW HAMPSHIRE GET AWAY
                                                                                                  Focused on marketing and educational opportunities for VR owners,
                  An indoor pool and sauna ends those wonderful days in North
                      Conway, New Hampshire                                                      find out what’s covered in this issue.
         38                                                                      74     Vacation rental specials and places to visit just for our readers.
                     CHARTERING A EUROPEAN BARGE
                   Charter A Barge For An Unforgettable European Splurge And
                      Let The Crew Do All The Work                                            You may discover your next vacation rental location right here.

                     A BREATHTAKING COSTA RICAN OASIS                                       WELLNESS TRAVEL
         42       Before arriving, I was warned: guests often have a hard time    76       Dede Sindelar helps you travel well without the stress so you can
                     leaving the Casa Ramon to explore the rest of Costa Rica.                pack your bags for the adventure of a lifetime.
                    They were right.

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