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             From the Desk of Beth Carson

         I’m writing this from a historic vacation rental in

         downtown Charleston. The condo has been blinged
         out with all of the modern amenities while keeping the
         character of the building. The tin ceilings and exposed
         pipes are painted the same soft creamy white, and
         the décor – colonial island - with coffee stained wood
         accent pieces takes me back to places I’ve visited and
         loved. The brick is exposed, and I can trace my finger                              Email me:
         around the different textures of mortar and brick-
         maybe due to a repair or maybe a less skilled mason did
         one section. The marriage of the old with the new was                   hardwood floor, the owner’s choice of warm reds and
         impressive. This vacation rental did not even look like a               oranges oriental rug are instantly inviting, as are the 2

         property to live in….just a 78 on the door to enter. But                water bottles and snack bars left for us. The best vacation
         then, there was all the conveniences we needed to get                   rental owners will go the extra mile to make their guests
                                                                                 feel at home. These little considerations take one into an
         to our abode.
                                                                                 experience and not just a rental.

         While I’m recovering from surgery, this vacation
         rental is a haven- I have everything I need here, even                  Vacation rentals, as odd as it sounds, are my true passion
         though we are steps away from Market street- (about                     in life. I’ve been a real estate investor for over 15 years
                                                                                 and a traveler ever since my grandmother took me to
         200 yards according to Siri.) A winter storm rages
         outside, I can see in through the windows, and have no                  England when I was 9 years old. I still am swept away

         plans to go out in it. Charleston is full of history and                to new places and can still be blown away with the care
         architecture that sweeps me back to the 1700’s but                      people take in planning the experience of their property.
         this is best enjoyed in a mild spring or summer day.                    That is why vacation rentals have meant so much to me.
                                                                                 They whisk you away to another world with no computers,
         Ensconced in such a lovely living space, all I need is a
         cup of chai tea and a good book.                                        phones or cubicles… a place to relax and dream.

         Vacation rentals allow space for feeling the pulse of
         a new destination or a familiar locale. The feel of the

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