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Here are some of the places you will have the                        canals in Europe on a barge while taking in sites,
        freedom to reconnoiter in this issue:                                excursions and relaxing in some of the most interesting

                                                                             cities on the continent.
        Come away with us in this issue, to San Diego, where
        Tyann Marcink – vacation rental expert and commercial                As you read along, put yourself in these places. Try on
        photographer, takes us on a whirlwind journey from sea               the activities like a new shirt and see which ones suit
        to mountains.                                                        you. You may try going exactly where our writers visited
                                                                             or you may encompass the ideas you learn in a totally
        Longtime Vacation Rental Travels Magazine contributor,  different locale. Either way, you will be swept away to
        Camille Miller explores New England with a cabin for all             explore new cities and new ways to travel. I can’t wait to
        seasons.                                                             see where you will go and hope you share with me what
                                                                             new places you have discovered.
        Photographer with a keen eye for spaces and writer

        Theresa St. John travels to New Hampshire and finds a                Whether you are looking for an adventure in a major
        vacation rental with its own indoor pool and sauna – so              city or need a slow-moving barge meandering Europe at
        you and your family or friends can enjoy it year-round.              3 to 4 miles per hour, vacation rentals allow for a true
        Later in the issue, we’ll tag along to Boston with her, in a         immersion experience into the culture and local flavor.
        vacation rental with a bird’s eye view of the city.
                                                                             Our writers do a bang up job of detailing places in each
        Intrepid traveler Paula Wheeler finds another luxury                 issue so that the you can experience new places from
        vacation rental on the coast of Oregon and we join her               the comfort of your home. I know I have added places to

        on a crabbing adventure.                                             my bucket list with each reading and so appreciate the
                                                                             unique stories shared. I hope this will continue to inspire
        Upbeat and fun Noreen Kompanik, a VRT favorite, teams  you as well to visit vacation rentals this year and beyond.
        up with Theresa St. John to take on New Orleans with
        flair.                                                               To your next travel adventure!

        New to VRT but we’ll be seeing more of him in the
        future, Jed Vaughn takes us on a tour of vacation rentals
        in Walla Walla, Washington.

        Also new to VRT, Victoria Hart cruises down beautiful

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