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                     SOME FANTASITC WRITERS!

      Each issue we have terrific content created by travel writers from around the world. Without their time and effort, we would not be able to share the
      wonderful places, glorious vacation homes, and the fun and cool events and activities with you in each issue. We want to not only thank them, but invite you

      as our valued readers to support them by visiting their websites, subscribing to their publications, and liking them on Facebook or any other social media
      that you value. It’s how we help each other grow.

                          Victoria Hart loves to share her travel tips, bargains, strategies and stories, inspiring others to create their
                          own adventures. As a member of the International Travel Writer’s and Photographer’s Alliance, she writes for a
                          variety of travel websites. When Victoria unpacks her suitcase, she calls Powell, Ohio home.  She holds a B.S. in
                          Communications from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Follow her on Facebook at Victoria Hart Travels and

                          Writes or on Twitter @vhartthewriter.

                              Theresa St. John is a travel writer and photographer based in Saratoga Springs, New York.  Her images can be
                               found on various stock sites and they sell as fine art. She works closely with restaurants on food styling images
                             and is published in many local magazines and on-line magazines. She works with Chambers of Commerce writing
                             tourism articles when visiting their areas. Theresa has two wonderful sons and is “Nonnie” to a number of rescue
                                                                               animals. Read more about Theresa’s adventures on her blog

                          Jed Vaughn is a freelance travel writer, photographer, and copywriter who lives in Spokane Washington. While
                          traveling and focusing on stories in the Pacific Northwest in the summer, he spends his winters in Mexico. With
                          a wide variety of interests, he has published articles in Northwest Travel and Life Magazine, Lighthouse Digest
                          Magazine, Travel Dreams Magazine, Lost Treasure Magazine, and others. Jed is also a regular contributor for a
                          coffee blog and does aerial photography via drone. You can see more of his work on his site

                               Paula Wheeler is a part-time freelance travel writer from Boise, Idaho who writes about getting out of one’s
                            comfort zone and discovering off the beaten-path locations. Her articles have been published in online magazines
                                                                                        and she  publishes a blog at A Traveler’s Postcard.

                          Camille Miller has been writing since 2011 on a variety of topics. She especially loves introducing people to their next
                          memorable vacation spot, and has a knack for picking out the unique homes and luxurious locations you want to return to
                          again and again. She often writes about her travels with her husband and three crazy kids, who are chiefly responsible for
                          keeping things lively, and who never disappoint.

                            Noreen L. Kompanik is a published independent travel writer and photographer based in San Diego, California.
                               Fortunate to have lived overseas as a Naval Officer wife, she has traveled extensively and her many Italian and
                                   other European adventures have sparked her passions for cooking and wine tasting.  She shares her latest

                                adventures, photos, and published stories on her What’s In Your Suitcase? Facebook page. She is a frequent
                                                                                      contributor to several online and print publications.

                          Tyann Marcink’s recent adventures took her down the face of a slippery cliff off the Na Pali Coast in Kauai and
                          into a secret cave with 20 sleeping sea turtles. Her passion for photography makes her eyes sparkle. Considered
                          the industry leader in vacation rental photography, Tyann also has the advantage of the property owner’s
                          viewpoint, as she has two properties in Branson, Missouri. Follow her adventures, photography tips, and vacation
                          rental insights at

                           Dede Sindelar lives her life driven by creativity and adventure as a freelance copywriter. She blends that with her
                           background in wellness and her insatiable appetite for traveling to exotic destinations. Her family jokes saying they
                              never have to take out their cameras because she’s forever capturing the moment with her photographs. When
                            she isn’t busy writing or taking photos, Dede is throwing frisbees for her dog, spending time with her husband and
                                                     planning their next journey. Please visit Sindelar Wellness Travel to catch up with Dede.

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