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Vacation Rental Travels – January-February 2016 Issue

In this issue, you’re coming with us to Fiji, two destinations in Mexico on opposite coasts, Maine, Mission Beach, California, Hawaii, and a favorite spot for our Where in the World. Just reading is a delight for the mind. So, give yourself the gift of time and open up this digital delight.

This issue is extra special to me because one of our writers is covering my vacation rental in Fiji- Starfish Blue. We had a contest in 2014, where the prize was a week’s stay at Starfish Blue, and the winner couldn’t travel, so the computer’s next pick was Theresa St. John. Reading her article was such a sweet moment, seeing my home a world away through new eyes.

If you can’t travel far this year, be sure to check out Noreen Kompanik’s article on Getaways in Travel Changes.

For a life filled with more awareness, read Dede Sindelar’s wellness article, 10 Ways to Improve Your Sensuality.

So, now it’s your turn to break away from your day-to-day and join us.

Find a comfy chair, but before you do, share this email with your friends. You’ll want to share the joy of travel, from beaches in Fiji to an authentic fishing village in Mexico.Escape with us.

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