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Welcome to Vacation Rental Travels July-August 2016 issue of Vacation Rental Travels. What fun we have in store for you!

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I’m in Paris now with my daughter, sitting at a café, a beautifully presented café au lait in hand, soaking in the myriad of conversations that surround me. My college French is allowing me to catch a few words or phrases, but mostly, the sounds are washing over me like music.

This was actually a last minute trip booked 12 days ago, after we had chosen the article and cover shot for this issue.

I’ve been a traveler since I was 9, when my grandmother, Nana, took me to England. I’ve been coming to Paris sinVacationRentalTravels July-August 2016 Issue takes you away. Editor and Vacation Rental Travel Expert Beth Carson hosts this online magazine encouraging you to Escape, Relax, Enjoy, these wonderful vacation get-awaysce I was 17.

I had a lot of well-wishers advise me that Paris is filled with snooty people. The advice wasn’t unfounded, it’s just a bit out of date. In the late 80’s, I ran into a few people who were shockingly rude.

Since then, I’ve seen Paris come into its own, now welcoming and helpful to tourists. In the 1990’s, there was a public campaign to be kinder to tourists.

Then, there have been the terrorist attacks that have both strengthen and humbled Paris. They need us, and they know now how much they miss us when we are absent.

And we need Paris.
Most people assumed we were from the UK, and actually lit up with surprise when we said we were from the US. “You used to come, but now people from the US don’t come so much anymore.”

Parisians seem to miss us.

Our arrival happened to be on the first day of the Euro football (soccer, for those of us in the US) games. Security was high. In fact, it reminded me of traveling in Israel, to see groups of police or military strapped with multiple weapons. However, they were smiling and helpful when we asked for directions.

Visiting Paris now, and sharing in the sheer, unadulterated joy on the Champs Elysee after a football win, reminded me of what it must have felt like when wars had an end and soldiers came home. The celebrating parade of chic cars, horns honking, the flags billowing from the passenger-side,

Paris is simply a joy to be in. It’s riding high on a beautiful summer of wins—I hope it stays that way forever.

There is no place on the planet that can rival Paris for chic art and bohemian cool. The art, the architecture, and the spirit of Parisians is something to be savored. Over a cup of strong coffee. On a sidewalk, in a trendy café with smartly uniformed waiters.

So, whether you can go online and buy a plane ticket to the City of Lights, or you simply want to come away with us from the comfort of your home, I know you’ll love Theresa St. John’s articles on Paris. Theresa also takes us to West Roxbury, in the heart of Boston, as well.

Camille Miller transports us to an elevation of 9000 feet in Keystone, CO.

Noreen Kompanik shares her favorite spots in Oceanside, California and finds some hidden gems in  Where in the World.

Dede Sindelar gives us insight and tips for a social media detox– some I used while in Paris and enjoyed the trip so much more because I was more present- living in the moment.

New to VRT but very much a whirlwind travel writer, Patti Morrow takes us on a houseboat in Naples, Florida. We hope to see more from her!

Also new to VRT is Laurie Daghigh, who takes us on a delightful journey uncovering Hip and Funky Austin, TX.
Come away with us. You’ll be glad you did.

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We are so thankful for you, our readers.
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Grateful Traveler,

Beth Carson, Editor Vacation Rental Travels



Beth Carson

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