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Cabo San Lucas - Vacation Rental Travels – May-June 2016

Welcome to Vacation Rental Travels May-June 2016 issue of Vacation Rental Travels. What fun we have in store for you!

First, we’d like to thank this issue’s sponsor, the Florida VRMA- Vacation Rental Management Association. Keeping up with industry changes is part of the job, and the VRMA gives managers a centralized location to network, learn about new opportunities in the industry and keep up with legislation that the hotel industry is pushing. I’m excited to go on May 31 on a press pass. Let me know if you’ll be there so we can meet.

Hope over  to Vacation Rental Travels May-June 2016

Next, see if you can guess Where in the World we’re taking you this time. This place has so much to offer, you’ll put it on your list if you haven’t been, or if you have, you might discover something you missed the first time around.

Our Owner’s Corner this issue is written by Joda Coolidge, owner of Sea Life Happy, where I spent 8 truly happy nights in December. As a life coach, Joda used one of her own exercises to reinvent her life and helps other do the same when they visit her vacation rental.

Come away with us to the seaside Mayberry-like town of Anna Maria Island. I had so much fun living in the moment for this article with my friend Liz. We’ve been friends for an amazing 32 years and have to be purposeful about spending time together as we both lead busy lives. We’ve learned that traveling together is easier than visiting at each other’s houses as real life doesn’t get in the way and we’re more fully plugged in to the here and now. The house is incredible, we were spoiled both inside by the owner and outside by Mother Nature.

Speaking of traveling together, be sure to read “For the Love of Travel” this issue- it’s full of insightful tips gleaned from decades of traveling with friends and families.

Explore Zijuatanaju with a couple of Baby Boomers and their parents, where they discover the joys of being a kid again. The writer, a vacation rental owner himself, has some advice on how to travel for free, even if you’re not an owner.

Uncover some of Portugal’s hidden gems on a mother/son trip. So beautifully written, I’m figuring out when I can fit Portugal into my travel itinerary.

Daily life is stressful, even if you’re just running late for a meeting, and we’ve found some ways to manage it, applicable whether you’re traveling or at home, in Master Your Zen.

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We are so thankful for you, our readers.

If you know of a vacation rental that we should consider for coverage, let us know. We’re always ready to be wowed—and to share it with you.

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Beth Carson
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