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Crazy Horse Memorial:

        “My lands are where my dead lie buried”

                                             Story & Photos by Art Remnet

           “My lands are where my dead lie buried”

              his moving quote, referring to the Black Hills

              region of South Dakota, was in response to
        Ta cavalry soldier asking Chief Crazy Horse
         where his lands are now.

         This The Crazy Horse Memorial looks over these same
         lands and is designed as a tribute to the Lakota Tribe and
         all North American Indians, but first, the beginning of the


         Back in 1939, Korczak Ziolkowski came to the Black
         Hills to help his friend Gutzon Borglum on the Mount
         Rushmore National Memorial project. Later that year at

         the New York World’s Fair, Korczak won first prize for
         his Carrara marble portrait, “PADEREWSKI, Study of an


         Reading the news reports of Korczak’s achievements and

         partially in response to the building of Mount Rushmore
         itself, Oglala Lakota Chief Henry Standing Bear invited

         Korczak to create a mountainous tribute to the North
         American Indians. Part of the invitation from the Chief
         said, “My fellow chiefs and I would like the white man to

         know the red man had great heroes, too.”
         But before the Crazy Horse Memorial project could                       the war, he turned down offers to build war memorials in

         begin, Korczak served his country in World War II. He landed            favor of building a tribute to another battle leader and to
         on Omaha Beach with the Allies and fought in Europe. After
                                                                                 honor the North American Indians.

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