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though most visual part of the project. She said “And so the
                                                                             mountain is a wonderful thing, but it isn’t what really will

                                                                             help people. It’s the knowledge, and knowledge comes from
                                                                             learning, and so that university and the museum here, those
                                                                             are the most important things.”

                                                                             Korczak is buried in the mountain with the inscription

                                                                             “Storyteller in Stone” on his gave maker.

                                                                             The face of Crazy Horse was completed in 1998 and work

                                                                             continues on the 263-foot outstretched arm and the caving
                                                                             of the horse’s mane today.

                                                                             The project has not ever taken any federal or state funds but
                                                                             is funded through admission fees and generous donations.

                                                                             The mission of Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation is to
                                                                             protect and preserve the culture, tradition and living
   Photo Copyright Crazy Horse Fondation - Used with permission
                                                                             heritage of the North American Indians.
      Back in the Black Hills, Korczak and Chief Standing Bear

      discussed the project details and jointly selected the                 The Crazy Horse Memorial complex is open year-round and
      Thunderhead Mountain site for the Crazy Horse Memorial                 now hosts over a million visitors each year. One of the most
      project. The sacred Black Hills mountain stands 6,532 feet             popular public events is the Crazy Horse Spring Volksmarch

      and is made primarily of pegmatite granite.                            held in June each year, it is the most popular organized hike
                                                                             in the United States (15,000 walkers in a record year). This

      A master stone sculptor, Korczak created scale models of               family event is sponsored by the Black Hills Chapter of the
      the proposed 641-foot-long, 563-foot-high memorial. In                 American Volksmarch Association and hosted by Crazy
      June 1948, the creation process began with the first blast,            Horse Memorial. Due to the growing popularity of the

      an event attended by five survivors of the Battle at Little Big  Spring Volksmarch, a Fall version was started in 2012 and is
      Horn. Since then, progress has been slow and steady.                   held in early October. These 10K hikes through the grounds
                                                                             at Crazy Horse give hikers the unique opportunity to see the

      But the Crazy Horse Memorial and the Foundation that                   87-foot face of Crazy Horse up close and see the Memorial
      supports it is about more than just the sculpture. Korczak’s           grounds from the mountain.

      dream was three-fold: the mountain carving to serve as
      the main focal point. Second the Indian Museum of North                There are dozens of vacation rentals available in the Mount

      America, an ever growing-collection which is already one of            Rushmore/Crazy horse/Keystone area. Plan a family trip to
      the region’s foremost collections, and third, the University           visit history and discover the magic of the Black Hills.
      and Medical Training Center for the North American

      Indians. This became his all-consuming life dream. He
      married Ruth Ross in 1950 and worked tirelessly on the

      mountain until his death in 1982. Ruth and four of their ten
      children carried on his vision until her death in 2014. Today,
      their youngest daughter, Monique, a trained sculptor in her

      own right, carries on the legacy.

      All three parts of his dream live on today. Both the Indian

      Museum of North America and the University and Medical
      Training Center for the North American Indian, a satellite

      campus of the University of South Dakota are based on
      the Monument grounds. Korczak’s daughter, Monique said
      her dad’s vision was held the sculpture as the smallest,                                                                                       Vacation Rental Travels | Spring 2017 - 11
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