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Abalone Bay - Luxury on the Pacific

                                                                  Article & Photos by  Tyann Marcink

             ense, soupy fog surrounded us, preventing us                       between the house and the edge of the cliff that drops
        D from seeing what we knew was simply a stone’s                         down to the rocky ocean shoreline.

        throw away from the panoramic great room windows
        we stood behind.                                                        We were a group of four at Abalone Bay, there for

                                                                                a photography workshop and to sample the local
        We were not concerned that our view was currently                       Northern California coast food and wine. Our goal
        obscured. The thick fog would lift soon, revealing the                  was simple: to eat, shoot, and learn as much as we

        wonderfully glorious ocean view we had come here to  possibly could in two and a half days.

                                                                                The first thing we learned about Abalone Bay and
        The Abalone Bay vacation rental home in Sea Ranch,                      Sea Ranch was that we did not give ourselves enough
        California sits directly in front of the Pacific Ocean,                 time. It is always that way with the good places.

        with only a small grassy field and a walking path
                                                                                                  Abalone Bay

                                                                                                  From the exterior, Abalone Bay
                                                                                                  appears to be a simple structure with

                                                                                                  steep roofs, a home that has withstood
                                                                                                  the winds and the rains that the coastal

                                                                                                  weather has dished out upon it. The
                                                                                                  weathered board siding is deceiving,

                                                                                                  Inside the protective fencing

                                                                                                  of Abalone Bay is a gorgeously
                                                                                                  landscaped oasis. The bright
                                                                                                  wildflowers cheerily greet you as you

                                                                                                  step down the stone path, and the

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