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bubbling hot tub waits for you to slip out of your white  a view of the multitude of stars above me through the
        spa robe and into the warm water late at night.                          bedroom skylight.

        Around the side of Abalone Bay sits a pair of                            The home had skylights and tall windows every way
        Adirondack chairs. It was quite apparent to us that this  you turned. Abalone Bay was filled with soft natural

        was the perfect spot for the mornings, sitting quietly,                  light from sun up to sun down, even in the master bath.
        sipping coffee, and listening to the morning chirp of the

        birds and the crashing ocean waves below the house.                      Speaking of the master bath, it had one of the best
                                                                                 showers I have seen in a vacation rental property.
        We maximized our time during our few days and were                       The master shower at Abalone Bay was tiled in tiny,

        very thankful for the luxurious beds at Abalone Bay.                     beautifully multi colored tiles, resembling the colors of
        When traveling, I seek a restful bed, as I have learned                  the Abalone shell. There were three steps going down

        the hard way that traveling is much more enjoyable                       into the shower, and a small teakwood bench sat in the
        when one is able to sleep well.                                          corner.

        The owners of Abalone Bay took great care with every  High above is a skylight, letting natural sunlight pour
        detail in the house for their guests. Most notably in                    into the shower along with the water from the large

        the bedrooms with bedside water carafes for the                          rain showerhead.
        middle-of-the-night thirst. Each night I sank into the
        soft sheets and fluffy pillows, drifting off to sleep with               Because of the layout of the shower, there was no

                                                            Escape to this Northern Calfornia delight
                                                              and experience the ocean sunsets and
                                                                            relaxing days of
                                                                     Sea Ranch at Abalone Bay

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