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curtain or door to close, and one could simply towel                    path. This path follows the coastline inside the area
         dry and slip into one of the custom embroidered spa                     known as Sea Ranch, connecting several beach areas.
         robes hanging on the hooks.

                                                                                 Most of the shoreline in Sea Ranch and what we saw
         I didn’t spend my two and a half days in the master                     from our drive up the coastal highway is not beach but

         suite, though. I had friends and a gorgeous location to                 cliffs. The beach areas are few and far between, and
         explore.                                                                many times difficult to access unless you are willing to
                                                                                 do a little sliding down to the sand and then climbing

         We did not need to go far to find California coastal                    back up the cliff to get back. Sometimes there were
         treasures. Abalone Bay sits directly above a seal                       stairs built into the side of a cliff and other times there

         rookery. This federally protected area has several                      was simply a steep dirt path.
         seals that hang out on the large flat rocks near the
         cliffs, sunning throughout the day and then slipping                    The Coastal Highway

         into the water once the sun disappears from the                         We drove the coastal highway through Sea Ranch
         horizon.                                                                and stopped at most of the beach access points. Two

                                                                                 of us had it in our heads that we absolutely must put
         Between the ocean and Abalone Bay is a wide walking                     our feet in the ocean while in California. We quickly

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