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learned the ocean waters near Sea Ranch are                         great room and an entire
           not as warm as the ocean waters in Southern                         wall of windows with
           California.                                                         the coveted ocean view.

           Even in the middle of July, the water is in the 50                  This is where one sits in
           degree range and quite the cold shock to bare                       an overstuffed chair and

           feet. Cold water does not stop a Midwest girl from                  gazes into the summer fog,
           touching the ocean, though. I walked into the chilly  watching it dissipate as the
           water, let it swirl around my ankles, and raced up                  sun rises.

           the sand before my feet became too numb.
                                                                               And when the sun sets, the

           Near Sea Ranch is the little town of Gualala. We                    great room is where one
           stopped in the local grocer daily for fresh fruits,                 dims the lights, flips the
           vegetables, fish, and meats for our meals. One                      switch for the fireplace, and

           of the big perks of staying in a vacation rental is                 settles into the couch with a
           having a kitchen to make meals and a table to dine                  book and a glass of wine.

                                                                               But for photographers like
           The Kitchen                                                         us, you would not find us in the house at sunset.

           The two self-proclaimed chefs in our group had                      Each evening we were standing at the edge of the

           only compliments for this vacation rental kitchen.                  cliff, our cameras capturing the splendid colors of
           Every dish and tool needed was easily found, as                     the sunset and the majestic rising of the full moon.
           well as beautiful stoneware, flatware, and glasses.

           Even more importantly, the wine glasses were
           already set out for us to enjoy the bottle of local

           red wine the owner gave us as an arrival gift.

           Off the kitchen, the soaring cathedral ceilings over

           the dining and living area give the open floor plan
           a very spacious feel, yet there is a coziness that

           surrounds you as you sit with friends, sharing,
           eating, and laughing together.

           Two steps down from the dining area is the sunken                                                                                       Vacation Rental Travels | Spring 2017 - 15
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