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The Well-Kept Secrets of Lucca

                                                                    Article & Photos by Sandy Swanton

           very time I speak with friends about Lucca – Italian or              walking up three floors.

       Evisitor – I get the same response. A smile slowly rises                 Built in the 17th century, restored in the early 1900s,
       in their lips and eyes… It is the calmness, the gentleness,              and recently renovated, the climb is richly rewarded
       and the elegance of this northwest Tuscan city that                      with the peace of this penthouse. As is common in many

       happily welcomes visitors.                                               ancient buildings, there is no elevator, but don’t be

       The origins of the city are lost in time – it has not been
       confirmed if the Celtic-Ligurians or the Etruscans first                 With views across the terracotta-tiled rooftops, this
       settled the area. What is known is that there has been a                 apartment offers space and light that welcomes you in.

       walled town in this place since 180 BC.                                  The attention to detail is evident in the elegant features
                                                                                – from the front door to the terrace looking toward to

       The regular block network of Roman streets still fills                   Botanic Gardens and walls.
       the historic town center, inside the third and latest
       surrounding walls. Built in the Renaissance between

       mid-16th and mid-17th centuries as the city expanded,
       the tree-topped red bricks rise above the green sea of

       the surrounding lawn.

       Casa Laura

       “Casa Laura” lies in between these two ancient markers,

       tucked just inside the line of the second wall, built in
       the Middle Ages, two short blocks from the Botanic
       Gardens and one of the many gentle ramps up onto the


       As with many Italian towns and city centers, the
       building’s front door opens right from the street, and
       the humble door belies the beauty you will find after                                                                                       Vacation Rental Travels | Spring 2017 - 17
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