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plenty of space to store all the wonderful produce
                                                                               you’ll buy as you visit the city. You’ll also find lovely

                                                                               serving platters to use if you entertain, even just for
                                                                               your feasts on the terrace, and storage containers for

                                                                               any leftovers… should there be any.

                                                                               If you need to check out the latest events nearby, or

                                                                               do a little research about the history of Lucca, you
                                                                               have great Internet access throughout the apartment.

                                                                               You might even be inclined to send a photo or two
                                                                               to friends, just to make them jealous of your lovely

                                                                               The wonderful accommodations

                                                                               Throughout the apartment, there are skylights to
                                                                               bring in the sunshine and fresh air. While skylights
                                                                               with blinds can be a challenge to deal with, this place

                                                                               is completely set up to be easy. The fully automated
                                                                               system with a remote lets you open and close windows

                                                                               and the bedroom shade without stress. There is also air
                                                                               conditioning and heating, as you need it depending on

                                                                               the season.
         Whether sitting inside at the dining table, relaxing

         on the sofa in front of the flat screen TV, or sipping                Unlike many apartments in Italy, there are two full
         wine out on the large terrazzo (above), you will feel                 bathrooms for you – both with nice large showers.
         completely at home. In fact, this non-smoking haven

         offers more than just a home away from home – it is                   The bedroom is set up for style and comfort with a
         more of an oasis away from home!                                      king-size bed and en suite. One lovely feature off the

                                                                               bedroom is the hidden door, which opens to the walk-
         This is a self-cater property, but don’t let the stairs               in dressing room. In here you’ll find plenty of hanging
         dissuade you from being adventurous with food as you                  space, drawers and delightfully, the washer/dryer,

         visit the markets. The kitchen offers a gas stove and                 drying rack, iron and ironing board, should you need
         electric oven. The built-in fridge and freezer offers                 them.

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