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There is parking available – you can choose from
         free parking about a 10-minute walk away from

         Casa Laura, or paid parking – safe and guarded – is
         about a 5-minute walk away. As of this publication, it

         costs €13 for 24 hours, so if you are staying five or
         more nights, you can take advantage of the 30-day
         pass for €50. All of this information is provided once

         you book, in your pre-arrival information package.

         The staff at Lucca Apartments and Villas offer
         wonderful personalized service, with extensive
         professional experience in the tourism and                               Inside the walls, the peace of the morning is only

         hospitality sectors. They’ve been market leaders in the                  punctuated by parents cycling or walking their children
         Lucca area for 11 years, and look forward to welcoming                   to school. Workers meet at favorite caffes for their

         you to Casa Laura.                                                       morning coffee and pasticceri, while shop windows are
                                                                                  washed, ready for the new day.

         Lucca as your home base
         Part of the attraction of Lucca is that there is almost                  Shops are usually open from 9/9:30am until 1pm, and

         no car traffic in the old center. You can easily walk and                again from 3.30/4pm until 7:30pm. They are often
         not feel the stress of cars or zipping motorini about to                 closed on Sunday and Monday mornings. Some of the
         demand space from you. There are a couple of local bus                   grocery stores inside the walls are open longer hours,

         routes through the center, so you do have to keep an                     and larger supermarkets are available outside the walls.
         eye out, but it isn’t too much of a challenge.                           All the information is available in a great binder in the

                                                                                  apartment for you to refer to throughout your stay.
         The cobblestone streets, attractive shops and gentler
         architecture than the powerhouse of Florence are all                     Cycling the Ancient Walls of Lucca

         part of the charm of Lucca.                                              The spectacular Renaissance walls that surround the
                                                                                  historic center of Lucca are just over 4 kilometers (2.5

         The rhythm of life inside the walls of Lucca is very much                miles). Lined with chestnut and London plane trees, with
         determined by residents. You’ll have none of the push                    benches and quiet areas to soak up the sun or enjoy a
         from study-abroad students and millions of tourists                      gelato, they are used daily by locals and visitors alike as

         visiting for a few days so familiar in Rome, Florence or                 a way to easily get around the city – literally – by bike, or
         Venice.                                                                  as the venue for a stroll with friends.

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