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             From the Desk of Beth Carson

         Wow! I just got back from a 9 week trip. Part of the

         time I was in Australia. After Fiji, where my vacation
         home Starfish Blue, got hit with what was arguably the
         most powerful hurricane in recorded history (it broke
         the recording stations after clocking in at the second
         most powerful storm to make landfall) my normal 85%
         occupancy rate plummeted.
                                                                                             Email me:
         I went over immediately to oversee the repairs and
         coordinated relief efforts with neighbor Ali Howie who
         owns Bularangi, the vacation rental next door. We are                   Alanna Schroder of The Distinguished Guest, Tyann
         blessed to have a great working relationship and finally                Marcink of Marcink Designs, and I crammed a true wealth

         were able to be in the country after helping each other                 of knowledge into the minds of 15 eager participants from
         out for nearly a decade.                                                March 2-6 in Tulum, Mexico. It was so much fun!

                                                                                 The rest of the weeks were taken up with outfitting my
         But, it was a bleak time for Fiji. Tourism essentially died
         for months in the aftermath as the recovery effort is                   client’s condo (look for a before and after article on
         still ongoing.                                                          the rooftop in a future issue) and having meetings with
                                                                                 business associates. Playtime was spent basking on the
                                                                                 sugar sand beaches, using day passes to access high end
         Houses, especially in the tropics, do much better when
         occupied, so I began accepting home exchanges. I was                    resorts, and generally being lazy.

         able to trade time when we would be empty for a future
         trip to Australia.                                                      I hope this issue inspires a bit of fun and laziness in your
                                                                                 own life. You deserve it!

         After three splendid weeks in Melbourne, Sydney and
         Brisbane, I went to Mexico – part work, part play.                      Noreen Kompanik takes us with her to Cabo San Lucas,
         The first part of the trip was the VR Mastered Boot                     Mexico, including a mouth-watering tour of must-dine
         Camp, which you can read about in the Owner’s                           restaurants.
                                                                                 Sandy Swanton shows off the best of Lucca, Italy, and the
                                                                                 fine vacation rental she enjoyed within the walled city.

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