Page 5 - Spring 2017 Vacation Rental Travels Magazine | Lucca, Italy | VR Mastered Boot Camp |Nashville, TN | Cabo San Lucas, Mexico | Abalone Bay, California | Mazatlán, Mexico
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Jed Vaughn shows off surprising Mazatlán, Mexico with

        a place in the central district and a plethora of things to

        Victoria Hart shares why she chose Stay Alfred in
        Nashville, TN.

        Tyann Marcink invites us on a quick but thorough
        discovery of Abalone Bay, California.

        Newcomer to VRT, owner Rika Dockery shares part
        of her notebook from VR Mastered Boot Camp in the
        Owner’s Corner.

        And Art Remnet takes us to an unknown destination- can
        you guess Where in the World?

        Come away with us. You’ll feel like you’ve had a mini-
        vacation after reading this issue.

        To your next travel adventure!

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