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L’Isle sur la Sorgue:

                    Antiquing in the heart of Provence

                                     Story & Photos by Kevin McGoff

             ravelers in that part of Provence known as the Vaucluse             There are 15 water wheels still churning along the river. Over the
         Tinvariably pass through L’Isle sur la Sorgue - Island on the           centuries the Sorgue powered mills which produced silk and paper,

         Sorgue - as they traverse this part of France. The Sorgue River has     and milled wheat and other grains produced from the surrounding
         been the source of the city’s wealth and development since the          farmland.
         12th century. It surrounds the old town, creating an island full of     The community’s fisherman prospered, particularly during the 14th

         shops, restaurants and ancient, narrow streets. Though the town has     century while the Pope was elected 25 miles to the east in Avignon.
         around 18,000 residents, the center city retains the ambiance of an     The numerous meatless days on the Catholic calendar; at that time,

         old French village.
                                                                                 created a tremendous market for the fishing industry. Today, sport
                                                                                 anglers fly-fish in the Sorgue seeking trout among other species
         The buildings date back hundreds of years, some with plaques telling    found in the crystal-clear water.

         of famous residents from centuries past.
                                                                                 Antiques, Brocantes, and Bric-a-Brac

         The Sorge maintains the same temperature year-round, 54 degrees         Over 300 antique dealers have shops or stands in the village. Only
         (13 celsius). The source of the river is found a short drive, or for    Paris has a larger concentration of antique shops in all of France.
         many a bike ride, away where it rushes from a gorge at the base of a    There is something for every budget and taste. Dealers displaying

         mountain in Fontaine de Vaucluse.                                       17th- century furniture are interspersed with brocantes hawking

                                                                                 the family silver or signs from the early 20th- century advertising

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