Page 4 - Vacation Rental Travels - 2017 Summer Issue. Vacation Rental Expert Beth Carson brings you articles from Noreen Kompanik, Victoria Hart, Oierre Lambert, Trina Chaimongkol, Camille Miller, Kevin Goff, Rika Dockery, Dede Ogden, and Beth Carson covering Hilton Head, San Francisco, Hocking Hills OH, Martha's Vineyard, Pagosa Springs, St. Lucia, and Eureka Springs
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             From the Desk of Beth Carson


         How many of us have lost it? Sometimes, I can’t string
         an intelligent sentence together because I am too
         distracted. It seems I have lost my nouns at times.
         Verbs, adjectives, modifiers are all good, but I simply
         can’t remember the word for “plate.”                                                Email me:

         My mind freezes.
                                                                                 work, kids, learning, friends, extended family, house

         Most of us are doing too many things at once. Travel                    maintenance, social media, fixing dinner, reading, watching
         can be an enormous stress relief, or it can add stress to               TV, taking care of pets or a loved one, and more.
         our lives. It boils down to focus.
                                                                                 A better way to live is to be fully present in each situation.
         Are you trying to continue a normal work day while                      When your toddler or grandchild comes to you to read a
         seeing a new city or country? It’s very difficult to be                 book, bring your whole mind and body. Read with different
         present in two places at once.                                          voices (even different accents are fun!) and giggle and
                                                                                 snuggle. When it’s time to clean the kitchen, enlist all
         The photo below was taken while I was in a deep                         able-bodied persons, switch on some dance music, set the
         conversation with my mom about details of an                            timer, and get it to work and get it over with!
         upcoming event she was involved with. I had no idea my

         husband even took the shot, because I was present, in                   When traveling, focus on the moment. It’s easy to smile for
         the moment, something I’m normally terrible at.                         a selfie, then take a few more, then edit them, then upload
                                                                                 them, all the while missing the scene playing out in front of
         Just like a photo feels flat if everything is in focus in a             you.
         city scape and the angle is too wide, so our experience
         of life is if we divide out attention evenly between                    My model and social media maven daughter has even
                                                                                 caught on to this, sometimes slipping her phone securely
                                                                                 away so she can enjoy the moment. The other night, on
                                                                                 a date night with my husband, I left my phone at home, a

                                                                                 decadent pleasure that allowed me to pay full attention to
                                                                                 his funny stories and flirtations.

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