Page 5 - Vacation Rental Travels - 2017 Summer Issue. Vacation Rental Expert Beth Carson brings you articles from Noreen Kompanik, Victoria Hart, Oierre Lambert, Trina Chaimongkol, Camille Miller, Kevin Goff, Rika Dockery, Dede Ogden, and Beth Carson covering Hilton Head, San Francisco, Hocking Hills OH, Martha's Vineyard, Pagosa Springs, St. Lucia, and Eureka Springs
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Next, get inspired. Whether it’s to another country,                 you’re planning  a trip this magnificent island or

        across the country, or in your same country, give                    daydreaming of a beach getaway, you’ll appreciate this
        yourself the gift of travel. Yes, day trips count as travel.         quick guide on the top 5 things to do in St. Lucia.

        I have the iPhone 7 Plus, which I resisted because of                Hilton Head Island - After Matthew
        the size, but it’s so much easier to work on with the                October 8, 2016, Hurricane Matthew invaded Hilton
        large screen. At the same time, that’s also a downside,              Head Island. The destruction was overwhelming, but the
        because it pulls me out of the moment. You can switch                spirit of the islanders was strong...
        your setting to “airplane mode” and still take great still
        shots and videos, without the untimely interruptions                 You’ll leave your heart in San Francisco
        of the “ding” and the “ping” and the “ring.” Your travel              Whether it’s your first visit, or your 50th, this
        companions will thank you and your stress levels will                beautiful, exciting and energetic town knows how to do
        drop, too.
                                                                             it right and blends colorful history with cosmopolitan
        If you don’t have any big travel plans yet, sit down with
        this issue of Vacation Rental Travels and allow yourself
        to be fully present. Get your favorite beverage, find a              The Hocking Hills of Ohio - A Hidden Gem
        quiet spot, and indulge.                                              Spending time in nature is restorative to one’s soul. The
                                                                             Hocking Hills may be the hidden gem you have been

        So, I invite you to come away with us. In this issue we              looking for.
        have a stellar line up of experiences, where you are sure

        to discover multiple aha-moments where you can either                The Perfect Island Vacation
        follow in the writer’s footsteps or take inspiration and              There’s a good reason why everyone wants to vacation
        create your own journey.                                             on Martha’s Vineyard. It is a beautiful, enchanting island
                                                                             surrounded by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream,
        A Weekend in Eureka Springs                                          offering plenty to do but no pressure to do it.
        Known as “Little Switzerland of the Ozarks,” Eureka
        Springs is the epitome of a quirky town that draws an                Your Oasis in the Mountains
        eclectic mix of visitors.                                             Whether you’re looking for rest, relaxation or
                                                                             adventure in the warmth of the spring or the coolness of

        Overlooking Paradise in St. Lucia                                    the mountain air, Pagosa Springs has it all.
         If you’re planning a trip to St. Lucia, booking a room

        with a view   is an absolute must. At the top of a hill
        overlooking Soufriere   Valley, Villa Colombette provides            On to your next wonderful adventure!
        a 5-star view of the island.

        Food & Fun – St. Lucia Style
         St. Lucia is the perfect Caribbean escape. Whether

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