Page 8 - Vacation Rental Travels - 2017 Summer Issue. Vacation Rental Expert Beth Carson brings you articles from Noreen Kompanik, Victoria Hart, Oierre Lambert, Trina Chaimongkol, Camille Miller, Kevin Goff, Rika Dockery, Dede Ogden, and Beth Carson covering Hilton Head, San Francisco, Hocking Hills OH, Martha's Vineyard, Pagosa Springs, St. Lucia, and Eureka Springs
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Where in the World?

           The waterwheels along the river powered
           our industries throughout the ages.
           Some remain to this day, turning with the

           flow of the river after which I am named.
           Enveloping the village, my river is clear

           and remains a constant temperature year-
           round. The spring from which it originates is
           4 miles (7 km) from Notre Dame-des-Anges,

           the church which dominates the town

           The second largest-market for antiques
           in the country has put me on the map for

           serious collectors, decorators and, bargain
           hunters. Our Sunday market is the largest
           in the area and provides fresh produce,

           cheeses and handcrafted goods to tourists
           and locals.

           The sun shines over 300 days a year,
           creating a climate that has produced

           grapes and olives from the surrounding
           countryside for centuries.

           So, Where in the World are we?

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