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Spectaular Dublin

                                      Article & Photos by Linda Wilkinson

         Dublin Ireland is a bustling contemporary city                         settlement in the 10th century and includes Dublin
         that offers much more than I ever imagined. It                         Castle, Christ Church and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

         is one destination that completely exceeded                            The Brazen Head Pub is also in this part of the city.
         my expectations. Not only were the locals                              It has been around since 1198 and is the oldest

         extraordinarily friendly, but everything about the                     pub in Ireland. The architecture and history in this
         city seemed a wee bit magical (said with my best                       section of the city is a bit mind-boggling, especially
         Irish accent). From the full-meal- deal breakfasts to                  considering that I live in Canada and we are

         the impressive architecture to the lively music and                    celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday this year.
         delightful Irish accents, everything about Dublin was

         amazing.                                                               Antique Quarter

                                                                                My stay in Dublin was short so I did not get to
         The city offers history, culture, architecture and                     explore the antique shops on Francis Street that

         technology. In fact, it is divided into the following                  have become known as the Antique Quarter.
         six quarters, each with its own “wow” factor. They                     However, my next visit will definitely include a

         are Medieval Quarter, Antique Quarter, Georgian                        shopping trip here, where there’s everything from
         Quarter, Tech Quarter, Cultural Quarter and Dame                       fine Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian furniture
         District.                                                              to vinyl records, second-hand books and little odds

                                                                                and ends. I didn’t end up with too many Irish knick-
         Medieval Quarter                                                       knacks but would definitely like to change that on my

         As the name suggests, the Medieval Quarter is the                      next visit to Dublin.

         oldest section of the city. It was the original Viking

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