Page 2 - Vacation Rental Travels Magazine – Our 2017 Fall Issue takes you away with Vacation Rental Expert Beth Carson and a host of very talented travel writers including Noreen Kompanik, Victoria Hart, Rika Dockery, Dede Ogden, Lynne Martin, Linda Wilkinson, and Patti Morrow to visit Iceland, Temecula, Gulf Shores, Palm Springs, Dublin Ireland, Tanzania, Floral City, Rocky Point Mexico, and Cairns Australia
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           CITRUS CRUSH PALM SPRINGS                        A DOG-FRIENDLY BEACH VACATION                         IGLOO ON THE BEACH
           Finding the perfect place to stay in Palm Springs  Gulf Shores can be very doggy friendly              This igloo on the beach will melt…..

                                                                                                      26                                     22

                                                              Where in the World?                        MAJESTIC VIEWS
                                                              Can  you  guess  before  you  look?        Family fun in Puerto Pena Mexico

                                                55                                       8                                                   64

          4        WELCOME FROM THE EDITOR                                        36
                                                                                              MYSTICAL ICELAND
                                                                                          Explore colorful landscapes and discover magical surprises in Iceland
                  Beth Carson shares from the heart about this issue, what’s
                  happening  in her life, and current events in the travel industry.          THE CYPRESS LAKE HOUSE-FLORAL CITY, FLORIDA

          6       WHO’S ON THE INSIDE?                                            44
                                                                                           Create your own romantic novel in this Floral City cabin house on
                  Find out more about the wonderful people who brought you the
                                                                                               the banks of Lake Consuela
                  stories in this issue.  Come and get to know our writers a little
                  better.                                                                     HOW VACATION RENTING BECAME VACATION LIVING
                                                                                  48     How we sold our house, created a new life, and saw the world
          8           WHERE IN THE WORLD?                                                     staying in Vacation Rentals
                  Have you been to this world class city? Take a guess before you
                  turn the page.                                                  52
                                                                                             THE YOUNG TANZANIAN WHO IS CHANGING LIVES
        14       TUSCAN TEMECULA HIDEAWAY                                                    With a servant’s heart and an entrepreneurial spirit, Tanzanian
                                                                                             Godwin Ndosi created an economy and jobs around his airbnb
                      Stay in the perfect off-the-beaten path location in SoCal Wine
                                                                                            CITRUS CRUSH PALM SPRINGS
        17                                                                        55    Finding the Perfect Place to Stay in Palm Springs Makes for the
                  WINE, DINE, PLAY TEMECULA
                                                                                             Perfect Vacation
                     Find out the best places to have fun in Southern California
                    Wine Country
         22                                                                       58    Explore all Palm Springs Has to Offer Visitors Who Come to this
                                                                                            FOOD & FUN  - PALM SPRINGS STYLE
                    IGLOO ON THE BEACH
                   This igloo on the beach will melt…..your heart. The ultimate in
                     green technology, these beach domes in Cairns, Australia are not        Desert Playground
                               only a blast to stay in, but safe for the environment.

                   FOOD & FUN - CAIRNS STYLE                                                MAJESTIC VIEWS OVERLOOKING THE SEA
         24    Australia’s Cairns is stylish and laid-back, and a central location    64    Explore Family Activities where the desert meets the Sea of Cortez
                    for exploring an area pulsing with adventure and culture.                 at Rocky Point

                   DOG FRIENDLY GULF SHORES
         26    Even your dog will enjoy a beach vacation at Gulf Shores
         32                                                                      68        Vacation rental specials and places to visit just for our readers.
                     ART OF DOING NOTHING
                                                                                            You may discover your next vacation rental location right here.
                 Find out how one Travel Writer and her husband mastered the art
                     of “doing nothing.”

      2 - Vacation Rental Travels | Fall 2017                                                                                         
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