Page 5 - Vacation Rental Travels Magazine – Our 2017 Fall Issue takes you away with Vacation Rental Expert Beth Carson and a host of very talented travel writers including Noreen Kompanik, Victoria Hart, Rika Dockery, Dede Ogden, Lynne Martin, Linda Wilkinson, and Patti Morrow to visit Iceland, Temecula, Gulf Shores, Palm Springs, Dublin Ireland, Tanzania, Floral City, Rocky Point Mexico, and Cairns Australia
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Linda Wilkinson teases us with an

        opening for a city near and dear to her
        heart- can you guess it without turning
        the page? She then takes us on a tour of

        this musical city with a soul.

        Palm Springs- you want to go- don’t you?
        Noreen shares THE perfect place, then
        gives you all the information you need

        to fully enjoy the area. So much to do
        and this is a great place to start planning

        where you want to stay and what you
        would like to experience of Palm Springs.

                                                                             Then, the first lady of travel writing plays tour
        Paula Wheeler, currently on a year off to                            guide as we explore exciting yet laid back Cairns
        travel the world, brings us an unlikely story                        and beyond. Take a stroll, enjoy a café, the live

        from the heart of Tanzania. How cool is it that                      music or dive the Great Barrier Reef.
        adventurous individuals like Paula take life by
        storm and live it verses sitting back and let the                    Back to Gulf Shores, Alabama with Rika Dockery,

        pages on the calendar turn. We have now added                        who experiences travel with a puppy and friends,
        Tanzania to our journal.                                             which she brings back the best of the area. You

                                                                             will be amazed at the scrumptious cuisine and
        Victoria Hart shows us how to create our own                         entertainment options available to you near the
        romantic novel in Floral City, Florida. This year                    Florida/Alabama line.

        has brought a new marriage with much romance
        into my life, as well as exotic destinations, and we                 Dede Odgen explores the beach at the Sea of

        may need to add Floral City to our growing list.                     Cortez and Rocky Point with a teenager, taking

                                                                             in off-roading ATVing and hangliding.
        You can’t miss Patti Morrow’s trip to the Land

        Down Under where she stays in…an igloo in                            Noreen Kompanik brings us back to center with
        tropical Cairns. I am not sure many people can                       “The Art of Doing Nothing.”

        ever claim to have done that but Patti takes us
        right there and does it with her bright smile and                    New to VRT, but an experienced vacation rental
        big personality.                                                     traveler and author of the book, “Home Sweet

                                                                             Anywhere” Lynne Martin introduces us to her

                                                                             wandering life- and how it’s come full circle.

                                                                             We hope you enjoy this issue! A lot of love has
                                                                             been put into it. It’s a hectic holiday season, but
                                                                             take an hour or so to unwind and experience

                                                                             other parts of the world.

                                                                             Come away with us!

                                                                                               Vacation Rental Travels | Fall 2017 - 5
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