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Where in the World?

           The population of this thriving city is
           over 1,000,000. It was originally a Viking
           settlement in the 10th century and in 1988

           it celebrated its millennium.  There are over
           200 pieces of art displayed in public places

           throughout the city. There were many famous
           people born here, including three Nobel
           Laureates – Samuel Beckett, George Bernard

           Shaw and William Butler Yeats.

           A beautiful river divides this city into two
           parts:  Northside and Southside. Not far from

           the centre of the city is one the largest walled
           city parks in Europe.

           This place has something in common with
           Silicon Valley. Google, Facebook, Twitter and

           LinkedIn have their European headquarters

           The city is famous for both bread and beer. A
           boot-shaped bread called turnover grinder

           (because it is folded back or turned over)                           Close your eyes, make a guess and then turn
           originated here. And the beer…well, I don’t                          the page to see if you were right.

           want to give it away. It is one of the most
           recognizable beer brands in the world.                               So, Where in the World are we?

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