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Hawaii’s Awe-Inspiring

                                                          Big Island

                                      Article & Photos by Noreen Kompanik

                    hen travelers speak of Hawaii, the                           Hawaii’s Hilo side produces some of the most abundant
                    conversation often leads to the smaller                      waterfalls in Hawaii.
        WHawaiian isles with their natural beauty and

         tourist appeal. But, it’s Hawaii’s Big Island that’s the                One of the Big Island’s most recognizable waterfalls
         not-to-be-missed treasure of this tropical island chain.                can be viewed during a short half-mile hike through

         Nearly twice as big as all the other Hawaiian Islands                   Akaka State Falls Park following a gently-sloped
         combined, Hawaii’s awe-inspiring Big Island is the                      circular path weaving through a lush tropical fern-
         youngest and largest of the Hawaiian archipelago.                       covered rainforest. Often referred to as the “Crown

         Hence it’s nickname, the “Big Island.”                                  Jewel” of Hawaii’s waterfalls; this impressive tall and
                                                                                 narrow 420-foot flume thunders down to a massive

         No place else in the world has the rich variety of terrain              gorge into Kolekole Stream, before it continues its
         or climate of the Big Island. Eleven out of 13 climate                  journey to the Pacific Ocean. On a rainy day when the
         zones are found here, making Hawaii one of the

         most unusual islands on the planet.

         Visitors can leave the sunshine and 84 degree
         temps of an arid volcanic landscape, drive
         through the rain and fog of verdant green

         pastures through a lush tropical forest and, back
         up onto snow-covered volcanic summits—all in

         the same day.

         From its pristine rain forests, lava deserts,

         spewing volcano, picturesque beaches and
         spectacular sunsets, these not-to-be-missed

         sights make Hawaii one of the best vacation
         destinations ever.

         Majestic Waterfalls

         With over 130 inches of rainfall per year on the
         coast and over 200 inches in the mountains,

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