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           UNVEILING INTRIGUING CUBA                        LAGUNA - A PERFECT GETAWAY                            OZ OF THE NORTH
           Homestay hopping through this island nation      Classic Artsy Coastal California at its Best.         Enchanting Grand Rapids, MN

                                                                                                      22                                     30

                                                              Where in the World?                        FOOD & FUN - CUBAN STYLE
                                                              Can  you  guess  before  you  look?        Glorious mix of cultures and flavors

                                                34                                       8                                                   46

                                                                                              OZ OF THE NORTH
          4        WELCOME FROM THE EDITOR                                        30
                                                                                            No matter the weather, enchanting Grand Rapids,
                  Beth Carson shares from the heart about this issue,
                  what’s happening  in her life, and current events in                        Minnesota has a long list of outdoor activities and the

                  the travel industry.                                                        arts thrive here, too.

          6       WHO’S ON THE INSIDE?                                            34        UNVEILING INTRIGUING CUBA

                  Find out more about the wonderful people who
                                                                                             It’s been one of the most controversial
                  brought you the stories in this issue.  Come and                          destinations for Americans since the 1960’s.
                  get to know our writers a little better.                                        But love it or hate it, no one can deny that
                                                                                                  Cuba is intriguing.

          8           WHERE IN THE WORLD?
                  Have you been to this world class city? Take a guess
                  before you turn the page.                                       46        FOOD & FUN - CUBAN STYLE
                                                                                             Cuban cuisine is a glorious blend of Spanish,
                                                                                            Caribbean, African, and Native American recipes.
        17       FINDING SANCTUARY IN COPTIC CAIRO                                         Unique and flavorful - You need to see this.

                   My eyes teared up, my dream had come true. I was standing
                   before one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
                                                                                  48        Vacation rental specials and places to visit just for
         22                                                                                        rental location right here.
                   LAGUNA - A PERFECT GETAWAY
                                                                                            our readers. You may discover your next vacation
                   With 42 miles of stunning sandy beaches,
                   secluded coves,  and seaside cliffs, there’s nothing

                          about Laguna that doesn’t seem magical.

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