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             From the Desk of Beth Carson

         Come away with us!

         Often, when I’m writing these notes, I’m in

         an exotic locale soaking up the delights of
         both a sublime vacation rental and interesting
         destination.                                                                        Email me:

         Right now- I’m uncomfortable. I had shoulder                            the road on a tiny island. We were officially in

         surgery 5 days ago, it’s cold in the house and                          business. Our very first guests came directly
         the vacuum cleaner is loud. The door that                               through customer service at Airbnb. The
         would help me insulate my ears from the                                 vacation rental they had booked, and driven

         noise is lying on its side.                                             12 hours to get to, was not as advertised. They

                                                                                 were panicked and tired. The customer service
         But, it’s exciting, too. Last summer, my                                agent transferred the booking to us, while we
         husband and I bought 2 vacation rentals in                              coordinated with friends to leave the keys for
         Hendersonville, NC- just south of Asheville.                            them, all while driving down rough roads. We

         We had 2 weeks to get 7 bedrooms, 2                                     had our first guests at Hendersonvilla and our
         kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, front                             first 5-star review.

         porches and more -  all ready for vacationers.
         I’ve never walked into a mattress store and                             Now, we are taking the smaller 2-bedroom
         said, “I’d like 8, please. Frames, too. Can you                         vacation and creating a duplex- one side for

         deliver by tomorrow?”                                                   us to live in, one for us to rent out. Being

                                                                                 the pragmatic on the go people who value
         When we left for Fiji on a business trip                                experiences more than possessions, when we
         our friends pitched in and helped get the                               travel for more than a week, we’ll rent out our
         finishing touches ready for our guests- the                             side, too. Nothing like using your own home to

         first inquiries and bookings came in while                              fund travels to South Florida or Venice, Italy.
         my husband was driving on the left side of

                                                                                 My brother in law came up this week to help

                                                                                 soundproof our part of the house from the suite.
                                                                                 The day after my surgery there was much drilling

                                                                                 and pounding and scraping, but I was grateful.

                                                                                 Now, my husband is in what is going to be the

                                                                                 living/kitchenette area making things perfect for
                                                                                 our future guests, and I could not be more proud

                                                                                 of how it’s turning out. It’s a work in progress,
                                                                                 but shortly we’ll have happy guests staying, and

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