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hopefully many more 5-star reviews. Their
        area will be fully private- we are putting an

        solid door with a double lock (like a connecting
        hotel room) in between the spaces, so when
        we go on long trips, this home can be rented

        out as a 2 bedroom house or as two separate 1

        The bathroom is the crown jewel. Everything
        was purchased online- mainly on Wayfair – the

        vanity, the chandelier, the glass uplights, the
        mirror, the bathtub, the faucets for both the

        bathtub and the sink, and the rain showerhead
        with European wand. Even the tile came from
        Wayfair, all ordered online, delivered to our


        Just like most things with my husband, it
        was a team effort made better because of
        the synergy between us. I did most of the

        purchasing, it was his idea to do a darker green
        on the ceiling of the bathroom- which to me,

        finishes it off.

        Many small details still need to be attended to,

        let me show you the photos of the bathroom.
        We had the work done while we were

        vacationing in Florida this winter – bought
        everything ahead of time and the guys checked
        in with us with photos every day. Before this

        metamorphosis, it was a laundry room- and not
        a very nice one.

        It was hard for David and me to not be here
        while the work was going on, but when you

        work with vacation rentals all over the world,
        you have to be able to delegate with guidance.

        This project has reinforced that principle with
        me. Hire good people and let them do their

        The results are outstanding, and we are almost

        ready for our first couple to come stay. Will it
        be you?

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