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Boat, Hike or Cycle The Canal de Briare

                                           Article & Photos by Kevin McGoff

               he monuments of Paris are only one hundred                        Construction Delayed
               miles (160 km) directly north of the forests and                  The assassination of Henri IV in 1610 led to a new
        Tponds found in this rural area of France. The noise                     regime not willing to finance the remaining work to

         of the city is replaced by the whoosh generated by the                  be done to finish the canal. Though three-quarters
         wings of herons and the croaking of hundreds of small                   completed at the time, construction did not  commence

         frogs. At night, stars are unmasked; there are no city                  again until 1638. When the canal was opened in 1642,
         lights drowning their presence. Life along the Canal                    the waterway was put to work carrying food and the
         de Briare is enjoyed at a pace no more hurried than its                 fuel of the seventeenth century, wood and coal, to

         slow moving green waters.                                               Paris. The wine trade of course prospered as well

                                                                                 with this more efficient route to ferry the nectar of
         Initial work on the Canal de Briare began in 1604.                      fermented grapes from the Loire valley to the tables of
         Commissioned by Henri IV of France, it was the first                    Paris.
         major canal to be constructed in Europe. It is

         often promoted as the oldest canal in the world.
         The canal was designed to provide one of the

         links from the Loire River to the Seine.

         The Canal de Briare meanders along for thirty-

         three miles (54 km) through the region known
         as  the Gâtinais or ‘Garden of Paris’, in the Loire

         Valley. At one time saffron was produced in great
         quantity this area.The area is rural and wooded in
         parts. Today the canal is enjoyed by vacationers

         traveling along its banks in penichettes, small
         craft designed for comfortably cruising through

         the countryside.

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