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traveling between the Canal de Briare and the Canal
                                                                               Latéral à la Loire. In 1896, the aqueduct was completed
                                                                               after six years of work linking the canals. Gustave Eiffel

                                                                               had a hand in the masonry work on this bridge  which
                                                                               towers over the Loire River.

                                                                               An artistic marvel as well as serving its intended
                                                                               function, the Briare Aqueduct is the second longest

                                                                               steel canal aqueduct in the world. It is used by cyclists
                                                                               and strollers taking advantage of the walkways along

                                                                               both sides of the structure, as well as boaters traveling
                                                                               the canals. The aqueduct is adorned with ornate lamp
                                                                               posts and massive pillars guiding the canal’s mariners

                                                                               onto the span.

                                                                               Fishing Biking and Hiking
                                                                               The many ponds along the canal entice fishermen.

                                                                               Some fly fish while others sit rod in hand seeking,
                                                                               perch, carp and zander from the gently flowing water.
       XVII Century Engineering on Display                                     The towpath running along the waterway is a favorite

       At Rogny, because of its proximity to nearby ponds as                   of cyclists and walkers. The course of the canal winds
       a source of water, a series of six locks was constructed                from Montargis to Briare and is mostly wooded and
       to cross the Vallée du Loing. This water staircase                      remote. Several small towns are interspersed between

       was by-passed in 1887 by a new system of locks. The                     the Canal de Briare’s thirty two locks. Boaters will find
       original structure remains on the hillside, a testament                 moorings and hikers and bikers lodging at Châtillon-

       to the engineering of the 17th century and the work of                  Coligny and Ouzouer-sur-Trézée. The canal’s bookend
       some twelve thousand laborers.  It can be visited at the                cities, Briare and Montargis, are much larger, thus
       village of Rogny-les-sept-écluses.                                      offering more shopping and dining opportunities than

                                                                               the smaller villages.
       The Briare Aqueduct

       A relatively more recent engineering feat on the                        When not cruising the Canal de Briare, this off the

       Canal de Briare is the quarter mile long (662 meters)                   typical tourist’s path region provides sightseeing
       Briare Aqueduct. Flooding on the Loire interrupted                      possibilities and points of interest. It is only a  seven

       canal traffic which was required to use the river when                  mile (12 km) bike ride from the aqueduct at Briare

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