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She fondly recalled the numerous times she and

                                                                               her sister hid in an upstairs bedroom giggling
                                                                               away while listening to Grandma’s gossipy phone
                                                                               conversations. She described it as quite a happy


                                                                               Today, this 5 ½ bedroom, 5 ½ bath guesthouse
                                                                               still exudes the same warm comforting glow. The
                                                                               house can accommodate up to 11 guests. Each

                                                                               well-appointed bedroom has its own private bath,
                                                                               flat-screen TV, and other amenities. Two baths

                                                                               contain classic cast-iron clawfoot bathtubs. The
                                                                               others have walk-in-showers, and all with bath
                                                                               products. We particularly loved the downstairs

                                                                               bath with its vintage antique (not-to-be-used)

          with its high ceilings, lace curtains, gingerbread                   potty chair.
          trim, period furnishings and vintage relics is
          owned by Claire and John Trinkle.                                    A downstairs bedroom has a small adjoining room
                                                                               with a twin bed, perfect for a couple with a small

          The couple purchased the home in October 2016                        child.

          and spent six months refurbishing and redeco-                        Two upstairs bedroom suites feature king-size

 Article & Photos by Noreen Kompanik  rating. Claire wanted the home to have a casual   beds and fireplaces. Another sports a queen and
          elegance, one that visitors could walk in, feel right

          at home and immediately have those warm mem-                         the last bedroom is tastefully furnished with two
          ories of being back in “Grandma’s house.”                            twins. Beds are extremely comfortable with top-
                                                                               quality sheets and blankets.

          She even relates a story that one day she spotted
          a woman standing on the front sidewalk. When                         The downstairs living room/parlor with a charm-

          Claire went out to greet her, the 75-year old told                   ing alcove is both roomy and comfortable. The
          Claire that she had grown up in that very home                       room’s stellar attraction is an old-fashioned

          and that was once owned by her grandmother.                          jukebox that plays oldies like Glenn Miller, Frank
                                                                               Sinatra and Dean Martin.

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