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Claire invites all guests to “feel free to kick back                 I could have spent forever in the green and white
            the carpet and dance a little if you’d like.” The                    fully-equipped kitchen with its myriad of antique

            full-size elegantly appointed formal dining room                     cooking utensils and old cookbooks. Whether
            off the parlor can seat a large group. And a media  guests want to prepare a full-course meal or just

            room located behind the dining room contains                         greet the day with a steaming a pot of coffee, it’s
            everything from movies, books and old-fashioned  all here, and the room is bound to warmly evoke
            games for kids of all ages.                                          pleasant memories of the past.

            There are even two game tables, one electronic                       A washer and dryer is conveniently situated be-

            that features over 200 80s throwback video                           hind the kitchen and a rear door leads to a spa-
            games like Pacman, Space Invaders and Donkey                         cious grassy backyard with a barbeque, outdoor
            Kong.                                                                tables, and a gazebo with colorful patio furniture.

                                                                                 Party lights strung from the house to the gazebo
                                                                                 set the perfect tone for an evening of relaxation
                                                                                 or fun.

                                                                                 Another reason John and Claire purchased the

                                                                                 home was for its ideal location, just a few short
                                                                                 blocks from the heart of historic downtown
                                                                                 Prescott, a place Claire said reminded her and

                                                                                 John of a Norman Rockwell painting.

                                                                                 They’d been searching for a place to relocate
                                                                                 from their home in California when they retired.
                                                                                 John is a former crop dust pilot and successful

                                                                                 business owner, and Claire, a realtor. Prescott
                                                                                 just spoke to them.

                                                                                 They fell in love with its people, weather, mild
                                                                                 four seasons, and its natural and historic sites.

                                                                                 Prescott’s close proximity to Phoenix, the red-
                                                                                 rocks of Sedona, and the Grand Canyon sealed

                                                                                 the deal.

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