Page 17 - 2018 Summer Issue of Vacation Rental Travels - Touring Tanzania, Prescott’s wild west, Gainesville Magnolia Plantation, Philadelphia Fishtown, St. Augustine
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There’s no doubt after a stay in this incredibly                       An old wooden sign on the wall of the foyer says

         lovely home and a chance to explore the surround-                      “Home. Where life begins and love never ends.”
         ing area why the Trinkles chose both the home and
         the location. A guestbook on a turn-of-the-century  How perfect.

         credenza in the foyer says it all.

         Past guests have come for family get-togethers,                                           Come and  enjoy your stay in this
         holiday celebrations, wedding parties, girl’s geta-                                     beautiful Victorian style home where
         ways, milestone birthdays and more. Pleasant St.                                       you can enjoy all that Prescott and the

         Guesthouse has been for them like it was for us, a                                         surrounding areas have to offer.
         chance to experience a true piece of yesteryear.
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         If only walls could talk, we thought, what stories
         this home could tell. And thanks to the Trinkles

         guests like us can enjoy its undeniable charm.

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