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           CELEBRATING ARIZONA’S WILD WEST                  FEELING THE LOVE - PHILLY                             MAGNOLIA PLANTATION
           A Living Wild West Experience                    Gastric & Drinking Adventures in Fishtown             A true “treasure” to discover

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                                                              Where in the World?                        FOOD & FUN - PRESCOTT ARIZONA
                                                              Can  you  guess  before  you  look?        Western Frontier Town & Its Fascinating History

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          4        WELCOME FROM THE EDITOR                                        30        THE MAGNOLIA PLANTATION “TREASURE”
                                                                                             Nestled in the heart of downtown Gainesville, the
                  Beth Carson shares from the heart about this issue,
                  what’s happening  in her life, and current events in                       historic Magnolia Plantation Inn closes its bed and
                  the travel industry.                                                             breakfast services during the months of January and
                                                                                                  July to become a vacation rental.
          6       WHO’S ON THE INSIDE?
                  Find out more about the wonderful people who
                                                                                              OUTDOOR FUN AROUND GAINESVILLE
                  brought you the stories in this issue.  Come and                34
                  get to know our writers a little better.                                  There’s a plethora of fun to be had outdoors in
                                                                                              Alachua County, making the Gainesville area one
          8           WHERE IN THE WORLD?                                                           of Florida’s top tourist destinations.
                  Have you been to this world class city? Take a guess
                                                                                              VR’S HELP PROMOTE SLOW TRAVEL
                  before you turn the page.                                       36
                                                                                            Slowing it down on vacation can make all the
        14       CELEBRATING ARIZONA’S WILD WEST                                                    vacation rentals can help.
                                                                                              difference in a quality vacation. Here’s how
                   Staying in a historic Victorian home sets the tone for the
                    old Wild West experience.                                     40        DREAMS ACHIEVED TOURING TANZANIA

        18                                                                                  Witnessing first-hand scenes that are normally
                  FOOD & FUN - HISTORIC PRESCOTT
                   Discover the charm of Prescott, Arizona, a preserved
                                                                                            only found within travel magazines.
                   western frontier town with a fascinating history,
                         some incredible dining experiences and perfect for       48        VILANO VILLA - EVERYTHING YOU NEED
                         nature lovers.                                                     St. Augustine’s Vilano Villa has everything you
                                                                                            need - just add your family
         24                                                                                 VRMARKETPLACE
                   Gastric & drinking adventures to be had in Philly’s
                     hottest neighborhood - Fishtown                              52        Vacation rental specials and places to visit just for
                                                                                            our readers. You may discover your next vacation

                                                                                                   rental location right here.

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