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             From the Desk of Beth Carson

         It’s almost time. We spent last night scouring
         Asheville and Hendersonville for just the right

         pieces, even coaxing an hourly employee to
         search for outdoor items in the back room using
         a forklift. We went from TJ Maxx to Marshalls

         to a quick dinner, then closed down Target.                                         Email me:

         These pieces; the silk flowers in silver glass                          We changed out some of the décor, painted the
         cubes, the benches, the multitude of outdoor                            fireplace, and added new furniture to the front
         pillows are not for us. A special person is                             porch.

         arriving tomorrow. And while all of our guests
         are special and we spend time on the little                             This is my one big goal for the week. With our final

         details; this man has the power to influence,                           touches last night, I feel great about the work we
         positively or negatively, all of our potential                          have accomplished.
         guests in the future.

                                                                                 While we wait for his arrival; here are some
         This man is a professional architectural                                photos professional Samy Bishay, currently living

         photographer. His portfolio includes work from                          in Tulum, Mexico, took of a condo I designed and
         Marriott and Sheraton Resorts. In fact, a major                         market for a client. Aren’t they beautiful?
         luxury hotel brand is considering making him

         their go-to photographer, because Amos Moses                            Now, let’s talk about the magazine. Our gifted and
         is just that good.                                                      well-traveled writers have an incredible line-up of

                                                                                 inspiration. Here’s what’s in this issue.
         But now, his next two days will be spent
         between our two vacation rentals in                                         Where in the World

         Hendersonville, NC. He’s going to put us on                                 Before turning the page, guess where this issue
         the map, so to speak. And with a hardcore work                              takes you.

         ethic and devotion to the creative process, I am
         sure to be wowed by the results.                                            Dreams Achieved Touring Tanzania

                                                                                     Witnessing first-hand scenes normally only
         Knowing he was coming, we had all the rooms                                 found in travel magazines.
         painted and headboards put on all the beds.

                                                                                           How Vacation Rentals Help Promote Slow

                                                                                           Slowing it down on vacation can make the

                                                                                           difference in a quality vacation. Here’s
                                                                                           how vacation rentals can help.

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