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Where in the World?

           Reputed to be one of the oldest in the world,

           the original purpose of this venue was to
           bring food, coal and other goods to a major
           city. Today fishermen, pleasure boaters

           and hikers provide the primary source of
           commerce, enjoying sports and leisure at this

           place in the countryside.

           An assassin was responsible for interrupting

           work for twenty-seven years. At the time
           of construction this was an engineering

           wonder. Two hundred years into its existence
           innovation again drew attention to this
           tranquil place.

           Visitors today will find modern

           amenities amongst vestiges of
           the past preserved along shaded
           footpaths.  There are famous and

           obscure rural towns to visit, looking
           down from surrounding hilltops. This

           site is fluid, meandering alongside
           lakes and through timbered villages
           in this remote yet easily accessible


           Close your eyes make a guess and
           turn the page to see if you were right.

            So, Where in the World are we?

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