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Note from the Editor                                 Now, the listing sites not   personally advise against using
                                                                 only get in the way of normal
                                                                                            Craigslist as there are so many
                                                                 communication, some of them   scammers on that platform. If
                                                                 take rather large service fees.   you’ve already found a vacation
                                                                 The fee goes directly to the listing   rental you are interested in, search
                                                                 sites, none of it passes on to the   for the name of the owner or the
                                                                 owner. Booking directly with the   property and see if you can find
                                                                 owner can save you hundreds of   them on Google or social media.
                                                                 dollars, leaving you much more to
                                                                 spend on your holiday.     In February, many owners put an
                                                                                            emphasis on educating travelers
                                                                 What are my options, you might   about their options. #BookDirect
                                                                 ask? I’m glad you did!     Day is February 6 – every year.
                                                                 Some travelers go to Airbnb or   You should find lots of owners
                                                                 HomeAway and use them as   posting on social media and
                                                                 search engines. Instead, go to   offering deals for – you guessed it,
                                                                 Google and search the name   booking direct. Do a search with
                                                                 of the destination and “vacation   that hashtag. They may even offer
                                                                 rental” or “holiday home”. Scroll   a #BookDirect option throughout
                                                                 past the paid advertising and   the year if you mention it.
                     see if you can find something   Here’s to bringing back the fun in
                                                                 authentic and local.       searching for the perfect holiday!
            I remember the good old days,   As a traveler with 46 countries   There are also Facebook pages
            when listing sites like VRBO   stamped in my passport, talking   that are destination specific, such   PS - I am not against listing
            were just that, a place to list your   to the owner directly gave me   as ECBO or Carolina Vacation   sites, they have done a lot to
            vacation rental. Communication   a lot of confidence as well as   Homes by Owner   propel vacation rentals into the
            was easy with the guests, and   local knowledge. The world is                   mainstream. I am against big
                                                                                            fees. In fact, in my new course,
            I directed them to my website   changing, and I can’t help but   Once you find an option, do   Vacation Rental Profit Accelerator,
                                                                 some research. NEVER send
            to pay – a very unusual thing 18   miss when vacationing was   cash – via money order, wiring,   I share secrets for owners and
            years ago when people used   more about the experience and   or Western Union- use a credit   managers on increasing their
            checks as their main method of   less about an investor-focused   card that offers protection in the   profits, by using the listing sites to
            payment.                   corporation.              event something goes wrong. I   reach more guests.
                                                                          Beth Carson Ellington

                                                                           THE VACATION RENTAL PROFIT LAB

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