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                                    Patti Morrow                                         Dede Fulk

                                    Patti Morrow is a freelance                          Dede Fulk, owner of Designing
                                    travel writer and founder of                         Vacations LLC Globetrots
                                    Luggage and Lipstick – an                            around the world with her
                                    award-winning travel blog for                        husband, Keith, scoping out
                                    Baby Boomer adventurers.                             unique luxury destinations
                                    She was named by TripAdvisor                         that include nature, culture
                                    as one of “20 Baby Boomer                            and cuisine. She combines
                                                                                         her passion for blogging,
                                    Travel Bloggers Having                               photography and videography
                                    More Fun Than Millennials.”                          with travel consulting to create
                                    Patti is the author of the book                      meaningful experiences for
          “Girls Go Solo: Tips for Women Traveling Alone,” and has over   travelers and to make the world a better place one trip at a time.
          150 bylines in 40 publications, including The Huffington Post, The   You can contact Dede at or
          Washington Post, International Living Magazine, Travel Girl, and
          Ladies Home Journal.  She has traveled to six continents, more
          than 65 countries, islands, and territories abroad, and most of
          the U.S., frequently in search of the World’s Best Beach and the
          World’s Best Margarita!

                                    Noreen Kompanik
                                                                                         Camille Miller
                                    Noreen Kompanik is a freelance
                                    travel writer and photographer                       Camille Miller has been writing
                                    based in San Diego, California                       since 2011 on a variety of
                                    and a retired nurse. Traveling                       topics. She especially loves
                                    with her husband, children and                       introducing people to their next
                                    grandchildren is her favorite                        memorable vacation spot and
                                    pastime. Her articles include                        has a knack for picking out the
                                    inspirational writing, sustainable                   unique homes and luxurious
                                    healthy living, family travel,   locations you want to return to again and again. She often writes
                                    history, wine and food. Her   about her travels with her husband and three crazy kids, who are
                                                              chiefly responsible for keeping things lively.
          favorite place to be is on a beach somewhere. Noreen is a member
          of the International Travel Writers and Photographer’s Association,
          International Food and Wine Travel Writers Association, and San
          Diego Press Club. Her published articles can be found on her
                                                                                         Rika Wolf Beckley
                                                                                         Rika Wolf Beckley was bitten
                                                                                         by the travel bug at an early
                                                                                         age. Her passion is still travel
                                                                                         and she’s visited all fifty United
                                                                                         States and forty-two countries
                                                                                         on four continents.  With a
                                    Paula Wheeler                                        master’s degree in nonprofit
                                                                                         management from Indiana
                                    Paula Wheeler has been living                        University, Rika works part-time
                                    a nomadic life, sonce June                           for the Franciscan Spirituality
                                    2017, as a freelance writer   Center; consults with an executive search firm & manages her
                                    and videographer. You can   three vacation rental properties in the greater  St. Louis area.
                                    find her adventures at www.  Connect with Rika at or on
                              Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest @TimberwolfVacationRentals.

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