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Vacation Rental Travels - May-June 2015 Issue

As you gaze off at the three islands in the distance, a sense of peace washes over you, increasing with each sway of the palm trees. Lounging on the hanging outdoor bed, you listen to a lone bird chirp as it slowly circles the South Pacific. It’s a view you’ve never quite experienced before…tucked away in front of the private home that you never imagined would be yours.

But it is. For a full week. 

The wonders of Fiji mesmerize you in this luxurious, one-of-a-kind retreat. Gratitude becomes you as you mentally place a check on your bucket list. You can’t believe this is your life.

Imagine, it all started with inspiration from an article you read.

Welcome to Vacation Rental Travels magazine-where travel inspiration is born.

At VRT, we know that finding that perfect vacation rental can be a challenge. And rightfully so. With all of options out there, how do you know what to choose? Whether you are looking to rent a palatial palace in a faraway land or a small cabin somewhere in the Carolinas, we’re here to give you the insider information and expert advice that you need.

Vacation Rentals Magazine covers the best, most unique, quirky, beautiful, amenities-laden homes for rent to vacationers.

Whether you’ve found the joys of staying in a home yourself or are new to the concept- this magazine will delight and surprise you with visually evocative photos of homes and destinations, as well as practical advice you can use to plan your own escape.

So sit back in a comfortable chair, swirl your favorite beverage, enjoy a delectable treat, and explore the sights in the comfort of your own home.

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