Boat, Hike or Cycle The Canal de Briare

Article & Photos by Kevin McGoff The monuments of Paris are only one hundred miles (160 km) directly north of the forests and ponds found in this rural area of France. The noise of the city is replaced by the whoosh generated by the wings of herons and the croaking of hundreds of small frogs. […]

Food and Fun : Cuban Style

Article by Patti Morrow & Photos by Kary Kern A big part of absorbing the Cuban culture is through its food and beverages. Cuban cuisine is a blend of Spanish, Caribbean, African, and Native American recipes. Most of the meals we ate came with called “congri” black beans and rice together, and roasted pork and […]

Homestay Hopping on Cuba

Article by Patti Morrow & Photos by Kary Kern It’s been one of the most controversial destinations for American’s since the 1960’s. But love it or hate it, no one can deny that Cuba is intriguing. Starting in January 2015, President Obama opened legal entry to Cuba for twelve new categories of American travelers. That’s […]

The Oz of the North: Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Article and Photos by Rika Wolf Dockery Visit Grand Rapids, Minnesota and you’ll understand why its population is more than quadruples each summer, from under 11,000 to about 50,000. Grand Rapids is the Land of Oz to many – residents from Minneapolis, Duluth, and Chicago come to this Technicolor, year-round playground to escape their stressful, […]

Laguna Beach: Art and Nature in Perfect Harmony

Article and Photos by Noreen Kompanik It’s not every day that the travelers can say they’ve found the perfect vacation destination. But Laguna Beach fits the bill. And it doesn’t hurt that it is one of Southern California’s best-kep-secrets. Located midway between Los Angeles and San Diego, this charming seaside surf town boasts a year-round […]

Finding Sanctuary in Coptic Cairo

Article and Photos by PJ Wheeler Going against my government and well-wishers suggestions, I stepped out of the airport’s arrival door and scanned the name cards, like in the movies, and spotted Mahmoud; his smiling face was one I only knew by a photograph. Relief filled within me as I eased myself into his car. […]

Where in the World: Hawaii’s Awe-Inspiring Big Island

Article and Photos by Noreen Kompanik Eleven of 13 climate zones are found here, making this one of the most unusual islands in the world. One of our planet’s most active volcanoes is located here. Amd of measured from the ocean bottom, it claims the tallest sea mountain in the world-4000 feet taller than the […]

Majestic Views Overlooking the Sea of Cortez

by Dede Ogden Whether it’s your first time to visit or your 10th to Puerto Penasco, Mexico, you’ll find new experiences to add to your memoir. This was my first trip with a teenager so I looked at things differently than my past vacations to the oasis in the desert. It was Willem’s first time […]